“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.


Transforming the Region One Conversation at A Time – Inspiring Youth Cultural Cooperation

The project “Transforming the Region One Conversation at A Time – Inspiring Youth Cultural Cooperation” is the first regional project for the “Creative Mentorship”, supported through the second RYCO Call for Proposals, and by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. The project is carried through in partnership with two organizations from the region: “Rruga me Pisha” from Albania and OKC “Abrasevic” from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Initially planned as a project that includes traveling and gathering in person, getting to know new people and places together, it was radically changed due to the new circumstances imposed by the global pandemic. However, thanks to the shared effort, we managed to re-organize and adjust. All the activities were held online – teams’ meetings with their mentors to discuss and develop ideas in order to carry through their projects, as well as the workshops.

In the end, thirty young people from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia successfully completed this adventure full of learning, sharing, and practicing regional cooperation. The projects they created surely served them to broaden their horizons and dive deeper into regional cooperation.

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