“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



The mission of ”Creative Mentorship” is to spread the concept of mentorship as a tool for personal and professional development, but also for the development of society, through collaboration with companies, NGOs and institutions.

”Creative Mentorship” has inspired and supported several mentorship initiatives: the mentoring program of the Women Leadership Academy (in collaboration with the Center of Modern Skills and Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence); the mentoring program”Mentorijacija” that was developed by the Young Ambassadors in Nis; internal employee mentoring program of the Hemofarm foundation etc.

We have supported the Serbian Games Association (SGA) in two cycles of the mentoring program, we had an opportunity to assist to the CRU creative hub from Portugal with their mentoring program, and we are proudly taking part in the international program REMAM, supported by ERASMUS+, which focuses on the mentorship in the context of arts and cultural management.

The Swedish Institute has engaged us to create a methodology for the program that will be offered to the Embassies of Sweden worldwide, as a tool for the development of local leadership potentials and public diplomacy.

We promoted and spread the idea of mentorship through the public speed-dating sessions, educational programs and motivational workshops ”Find your mentor!” that we organized within the framework of relevant cultural programs like Mikser Festival or the annual conference of Balkan Museums network and big youth gatherings like a conference of the largest students’ organization in the world AIESEC and Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization.

We continuously collaborate and exchange knowledge with mentoring programs in Serbia, in the region but on the international level, as well. These are programs”Share your knowledge” of the European Movement in Serbia, AmChamps of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia and programmes organised by the Serbian Association of Managers.

We feel honoured and proud that we were awarded a certificate of appreciation ”Ambassadors of Knowledge” by Life Long Learning Academy from Ljubljana, in May 2015, and that we are members of the largest cultural network Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.

To all the organizations, companies and individuals that want to spread the idea of mentorship and look for the ideal way to support and inspire their colleagues and employees, we could offer our dedication to the idea of mentorship, the knowledge that we incessantly gather for four years and all the practical skills in developing and conducting mentoring programmes.

Our work is recognized by mr Tony O’ Brien, former director of the British Council for the West Balkans; H.E. mr Christer Asp, former Ambassador of Sweden in Serbia; mr Nenad Borovcanin, former state secretary in the Ministry for youth and sport.







Consulting services that include developing and realisation of mentoring schemes consist of very particular body of knowledge, concrete, well thought out and practical advices for conducting a mentoring programme. Collaboration with ”Creative Mentorship” has also an added value – innovative and contemporary approach to the mentoring process, as the two-way learning process and knowledge exchange between sectors, generations and cultures.

Mapping the goals, planning the structure and the dynamics of the programme

Selection of participants, matching mentoring couples, setting expectations

Designing the system of participants support

Monitoring the effects of the programme, evaluation

The mentoring process is the most productive when all the participants (mentees and mentors) fully understand all its phases, possibilities and challenges. In that case, the mentoring programme can contribute to the new perspectives, creativity, wider understanding and deliberating on our actions and values.  The trainings are adapted to the specific needs of participants and programme, that might be:

Introductory trainings and workshops related to the mentorship

Specific trainings adjusted to the different phases of the mentoring process

Coaching training for mentors

Training of particular professional skills for mentees


Peer-to peer sessions

Motivational gatherings

Partners of “Creative Mentorship” have access to pro – tools for developing a mentoring relationship.