“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



The program team consists of 7 people running the ”Creative Mentorship” program and who actively and consciously work on the further development and sustainability of the program. The team actively cooperates with the ETC group, which launched the project, as well as with the Advisory Board, which helps the program to develop in the desired direction.

Dragana Jevtić

Founder and Director

From curiosity and thirst for knowledge and experience, Dragana lived, studied, and worked in the United States (New York, California and Florida), France and Cyprus. After 10 years of living abroad, she decided to return to Belgrade in 2000. She graduated in International Business at the State University of California with the highest marks. In Belgrade, she attended the UNESCO Master Studies in Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Arts. She worked in international frameworks in Serbia for several companies and organizations in business development and international cooperation, among others for the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and the Tourist Organization of Serbia. After a lengthy career in the business world, she decided to focus on what she liked the most: the world of art and culture and was one of the founders of ”Creative Mentorship”.

dr Višnja Kisić

Founder and Development Advisor; member of Advisory Board

Višnja Kisić is an art historian, master of cultural policy and management and a doctor of museology science and management of cultural heritage. She is active as a manager, researcher and lecturer in the field of management, interpretation and policy of visual culture and cultural heritage. Višnja is the Secretary General of Europe Nostra for Serbia, the largest European civil society networks in the field of heritage, and founder of numerous projects related to the use, interpretation and communication of cultural heritage.

Katarina Vojnović

Program coordinator

Katarina Vojnović is a graduate student at the Department of Management and Production of Theater, Radio and Culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. The dominant themes in her work and research so far have been feminist studies and engaged theater. As a program coordinator, she worked at the Erasmus Theater Camp for Youth in Kruševac in 2019. She is the author of a series of sessions on the topic - The position of women in culture within the FIST festival in 2020. She was engaged as the organizer of the Bitef Zone 2021, and currently working as an organizer of theater performances at the Bitef Theater.

Tatjana Nikolić

Program Associate, member of Advisory Board

Tatjana has collaborated with Creative Mentorship since autumn 2014, currently as a Member of the Advisory Board. She is Research Assistant at the Institute for Theatre, Film, Radio and Television in Belgrade in the field of cultural management and policy and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with the thesis on Gender and Age Equality in Cultural Policy of Serbia. Since January 2022 she has been a member of the board of the National Association of Theaters for Children and Youth ASSITEJ Serbia. Previously she was a member of the Board of the National Youth Council of Serbia. Since 2013 Tatjana has been a co-leader of Young Women's Collective FEMIX, best known by the Girls Rock Camp Serbia. In 2018 she received Special recognition from the “Jelena Šantić” Foundation for supporting young professionals in the field of culture, arts and creative industries.

dr Daša Moschonas

Researcher of Mentoring Practice

Daša is an architect with additional education in the field of social and political science of the environment. She is driven by the way in which technology and art influence the changes and interactions of different views on the world. The opportunity to live, work and study in various socio-economic and cultural environments (Serbia, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands) has influenced her view of the complexity of the world and interpersonal relationships, as well as the importance of interdisciplinary approach and collaboration.

Kristina Armuš

Social Media Manager

Kristina is a student of art history at the faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, currently working as an assistant to the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. During her studies, she was twice the curator of the ``Inter/Akcija`` exhibition, and once the coordinator of it. During 2019, she had her first independently curated exhibition called ``U redu je``. In 2022, she was part of the U10 art space project and realized the project/installation, Liberation. She completed the CSI practice and Social Entrepreneurship programs within the Smart collective. She won third place at the 2022 Timočka Lira poetry competition. She is especially proud of the fact that she is an alumni of the Nelt educational program, an interdisciplinary experimental educational program for students, which is implemented by Nova Iskra.

Katarina Mitić Minić

Communications Consultant

Katarina Mitić Minić is a musicologist and music supervisor with an innovative approach to music, film and new media. She had the opportunity to work for two large companies - Warner Music Group and 20th Century Fox film studio and to hone her knowledge in the creative industries. Since 2019, she has been engaged as a PR and Marketing Manager at the international concert agency Charm Music. She is a doctoral student at the Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and the focus of her research is music in video games. She is the founder of the platform for the promotion of good music - Music Storyline. Since 2018, she is part of the team of the Femix collective, which wants to create a model for gender equality, active and a creative society through various projects, cultural events and activities - Rock Camp for Girls, Femix Fest, concerts, exhibitions, music releases, film and poetry evenings, workshops and lectures.