“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



After the selection process, the participants of the fourth “Creative mentorship” cycle attended the Goal setting preparatory training, that was held by trainers from our main educational partners Gi Group HR Solutions, Olga Svoboda and Marina Delić, and the “Creative mentorship” team begun the search for mentors.

Bearing in mind that mentors are chosen based on exact needs and aims of mentees, the Pool of Mentors of the “Creative mentorship” programme includes more mentors that can participate in programme each year. We are grateful to all the potential mentors for their interest and trust, and we are looking forward to collaborating, when having a mentee whose needs would match their professional skills.

In the complex and demanding process of searching for the appropriate mentors for the mentees of the fourth cycle, the team of the “Creative mentorship” programme had a big help from the alumni and former mentors: Nikola Andonov, Ivana Jovanović Arsić, Miloš Đajić, Maja Lalić, Marko Radenković and others, who helped with precious advice and recommendations and to whom we express our gratitude.

In front of our mentoring couples is a very interesting year. Within the educational programme, through different trainings and workshops, but in the personal contact as well, they will work on their personal and professional development. We are glad to work with the new generation of outstanding mentors and among them two alumni of our programme, who will now as mentors share their experience.

Like in the previous years, the mentors are from the different generations and professional fields, which is one of the advantages and characteristics of our programme that aims to build bridges, relations and dialogue among generations, sectors and cultures. We are glad to announce the mentoring couples of the fourth generation of the “Creative mentorship” programme:

  1. Natali Beljanski, executive director of the Festival uličnih svirača (Street Musicians Festival) in Novi Sad will be mentoring Aneta Goranović, manager of independent theater troupe “Reflektor”
  2. Veronika Tasić Vušurović, managing director of the “Digital Serbia” initiative will be mentoring Biljana Branković, architect and founder of the “ArchiPLAY” brand
  3. The founder of the SHARE Foundation, professor at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences and alumni of “Creative Mentorship” programme, dr Đorđe Krivokapić, will be mentoring Bojana Bačić, journalist of the newspaper “Danas”
  4. Maja Enis, pedagogue, owner and director of the publishing house “Enco Book” will be mentoring Bojana Lukić, painter and creator of workshops for children in the field of visual culture
  5. Borko Jovanović, expert for entrepreneurship  and digital fabrication, founder of Polyhedra – FabLab will be mentoring Danilo Grbović, founder of the FilterApp startup
  6. Joachim Waern, Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade, will be mentoring Dragana Aleksić, program analyst at Prva TV
  7. Ana Pejovićtranslator and project manager in the “Krokodil”organisation, will be mentoring Dunja Pešut, professor of Serbian language and literature in Bačka Topola
  8. Theater director and lighting designer Nikola Zavišić will be mentoring Dušan Kalejski, drama pedagogue at CEKOM organisation in Zrenjanin
  9. Biljana Rakić, expert for the HR development from Novi Sad, will be mentoring Irina Dukić Stojanović, journalist and PR in culture
  10. Theater director, human rights activist and director of the Heartefact Foundation,  Andrej Nosov will be mentoring Ivana Todorović, film director and producer
  11. Milena Zindović, director of the public urbanistic company “Plan Šabac”, founder of the Women’s architectural association and the association „Pametni grad” (Smart City), will be collaborating with Katarina Maksimov, architect – conservator at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad
  12. dr Borislav Miljanović, founder and director of the Represent System Group will be mentoring Lidija Ham Milovanović, public relations associate at the National Museum in Belgrade
  13. Marija Bulatović, architect and educator at Center for Spatial an Art Education OMG ARH will be mentoring Ljubica Slavković, architect and project coordinator at Center for cultural decontamination CZKD in Belgrade
  14. Asja Radonjić, musicologist, programme editor of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will be collaborating with dr Maja Bosnić, composer, music pedagogue and art director of the association “Zabuna”
  15. Lazar Džamić, until recently Head of Brand Planning for Google Zoo, the creative think tank in London, author of several books and professor at the Department of Digital Marketing at the Faculty of Media and Communication will be mentoring Marina Prohaska, digital communications manager in non-profit sector
  16. Dobrivoje Erić, Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN) in Serbia will be mentoring Maša Seničić, dramaturge and one of the founders of the association “Filmkultura”
  17. Aleksandra Stamenković, co-founder and vice president of the Center for the Development of Children’s Right Culture C31 will be mentoring Milan Marković, museum educator at the Museum in Smederevo
  18. Miša Stojiljković, journalist, psychologist and media adviser will be mentoring Lana Nikolić, journalist at Radio Beograd 202
  19. Iva Eraković, Executive director of “Prijatelji dece Srbije” (Friends of Children of Serbia) will be mentoring Milica Crkvenjakov, video games designer in Novi Sad
  20. Vladimir Dekić, director of the National Ensemble “Kolo” will be mentoring Milovan Golubović, art director at Folklore Dance Ensemble (KUD) “Maksim Marković” from Kosjerić
  21.  Slađana Petrović Varagić, until recently director of the Cultural Centre in Požega, programme coordinator of “Filmart” from Požega will be collaborating with Nela Tonković, director of Savremena galerija (Contemporary Gallery) in Subotica
  22. Nevena Rudan, marketing manager of the Luna TBWA Agency will be mentoring Oleg Misirača, organiser of cultural events from Pančevo
  23. Milan Savić, director of the International saxophone festival Belgrade Saxperience will be mentoring Stefan Sretić, pianist, composer and professor of piano from Niš
  24. Katarina Popović, mentor of the presentation skills will be collaborating with Vesna Ivanović, librarian in the elementary school in village Mačkat near Čajetina
  25. Milena Rajković, project manager in the Hemofarm Foundation, former director of the cultural institution „Parobrod” and alumna of the “Creative mentorship” programme will be mentoring Vladimir Milić, organizer of cultural and educational activities at Center for education and culture „Božidarac”

We thank to all the mentors that, in spite of their obligations and responsibilities, have shown interest and readiness to participate in programme and support pro bono the participants of the fourth generation in their personal and professional development, during the 2018. We believe that knowledge sharing, collaboration and mutual support are crucial for the positive social innovations and that we are, all together, transforming society – one conversation at the time!