“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.


Final workshop within the 5th cycle: Rounding up the the mentorship as a great opportunity for reflection

The fifth cycle of the program officially ended on October 31st, with a workshop on completing the mentoring relationship, held by Višnja Kisić, the founder of the “Creative Mentorship”. Like all previous workshops, held from May to November, this workshop was held online.

As Višnja says: “Completing the mentoring relationship is difficult because it means the end of a cycle of cooperation and exchange, but on the other hand it is an opportunity to think about the whole process and cooperation between mentors and mentees, as well as all the things and changes that mentoring relationship brought to us “

The workshop gathered both mentors and mentees, but its goal, however, was not to share everything in detail with our mentor or mentee, but rather to map things that need to be reflected – what we liked more and what we liked less, what are our wishes for further work, and development and what kind of support system would we need. Then, the mentor and mentee should meet up once again, for the last time, by the end of November and discuss topics mentioned in the workshop, in order to set the foundation for further work.

During the workshop, mentors and mentees were divided into virtual rooms, where they discussed the following topics:

– Topic 1: What are the most important insights we gained during the process? What are the most precious things we have learned? What are we especially grateful to the mentor for?

– Topic 2:

For mentees – Where are we in relation to the desired goal? How has mentoring encouraged us in that goal or in changing the goal? What has changed along the way?

For mentors: Where is the mentee in relation to the goal? What do you see as important shifts in the mentee? What would be important to develop and strengthen in the future?

– Topic 3: What did we especially like and what we find especially meaningful in the mentoring relationship? What would we like to be different? Sharing at least two things that meant a lot to us and at least one thing that we would have liked to have been different.

– Topic 4:

For mentees – Where are we now? What are our future plans? What kind of support would still be important to us?

For mentors: Where is the mentee now? What knowledge and skills should they develop? What kind of support and learning would be welcome?

– Topic 5: In what way and in what form would you continue the relationship?

Rounding up the mentoring relationship within the cycle is important because it represents the formal completion of a program in which both mentees and mentors have agreed to participate over a period of time. However, Višnja mentioned that there is certainly the freedom to continue with the cooperation, because mentoring often goes beyond that relationship of learning and exchange, and grows into friendship and support in other segments as well. On the other hand, mentors and mentees are encouraged to maintain contacts and establish cooperation after the program, if there is space and will for that.

This workshop marked the official end of the cycle that was certainly much different from all the previous ones. In addition to being a jubilee, a fifth, this was also a cycle in which we all learned a lot through adapting to the daily changes that are happening to us due to the global pandemic. We are very glad to say that we were on that path together, supporting each other and that the “Creative Mentoring” network was a very important resource thanks to which the cycle was successfully completed.