“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.


Through mentorship, we encourage individual development and empower teams

In mid-April, we gathered with the mentors of the current, 6th cycle of the program, and discussed the development of the mentoring relationship and the challenges they faced in the role of mentor.

With the support of the “Creative Mentorship” team, the mentors exchanged impressions and their approaches to working with mentees. The ones experienced in mentoring, shared their knowledge and examples from practice, while those who found themselves in the role of mentor for the first time, offered a new perspective on the mentoring relationship and its potential. In this way, they had the opportunity to connect and learn from each other.

During the exchange, the mentors emphasized that it is important to have a framework for work, to think strategically in order to recognize the goals and ways in which we can support mentees in different environments and situations.

We were reminded of the main segments of the mentor’s contribution within this specific relationship. The mentor should be aware of the potential of their mentee and empower them in order to achieve the goals developed during the program. In addition, it should be borne in mind that this is a unique opportunity for mutual learning through the exchange of experiences. Mentors can support mentees to more easily overcome personal and professional challenges they have faced in the past. It is also very important that time is used wisely during the program and that the mentors seek additional support if they recognize they need it. The ultimate goal of mentoring cooperation within the program is to empower mentees, through the application of various approaches, resources, and tools, so that in the end they can work sustainably and independently make decisions important for their professional and private life and development.

However, we should always keep in mind that every mentoring relationship is unique and every mentoring pair develops a structure and dynamics that suits them.