“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



On Saturday, May 26th, in the UK “Parobrod”, was organized a midterm meeting of the 4th generation of the “Creative Mentorship” programme. This is one of  three events during the programme which aims at gathering as many participants and mentors of the current generation as possible, in order to make an insight in mentoring couples’ cooperation and to give them a chance to connect more.

The program started with a workshop “What can we learn about mentoring and communication through tango?”  that was held by our alumni Milena Jokanović and Relja Dereta from the Tango Natural Institute. The goal of the workshop was to relax and bring all the participants of our programme closer, through an unconventional way of communicating – dance. We stepped out of our comfort zone, tried and learned something new. We understood interpersonal relationships, active listening, leadership, initiative and mentoring in a different way, as well.

Our gathering continued through the reflection of the work of mentoring couples that was followed by so-called speed dating. The mentees of the 4th generation had the possibility to meet other mentors from this generation,  alumni, partners and sponsors of the programme, members of the Advisory Board and the “Creative Mentorship” team. The aim of this meeting was to give the opportunity to the participants to “test” their ideas, projects and programmes through many different perspectives, and to come up with a fresh attitude about the initiatives they are working on, or new way of thinking about topics they consider important for their personal and professional development.

We thank all program participants for this weekend full  with intensive communication, exchange of ideas and  thoughts, and incredible positive energy that filled the UK “Parobrod” this Saturday. Especially thanks goes to the alumni of our program Relja and Milena for the organization of the workshop, other alumni who participated in it, members of the Advisory Board, as well as the representatives of our sponsors and partners who joined us in one part of the programme, and of course the UK “Parobrod”.

Perhaps this Saturday can be best illustrated by photos and video that we share with you.

Srednjoročni susret IV generacije

A special video was prepared at this workshop, in which Relja Dereta and Milena Jokanović, trainers from Institute Tango Natural explain who can mentorship and communication be improved through Argentine tango.