“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



With great joy, we are sharing with you the list of 50 participants – 25 mentoring pairs, who will have the opportunity to work together and exchange experiences in the next 12 months within the Creative Leaders Mentorship Programme, created by the Creative Mentorship teamand supported by the British Council as a part of the project “Culture and Creativity for the Western Balkans” (CC4WBs). CC4WBs is a project funded by the European Union that aims to foster dialogue in the Western Balkans by enhancing the cultural and creative sectors for increased socio-economic impact.

Mentees and mentors will have the opportunity to work on their professional and personal development, enhancing their skills, knowledge, and ideas. This will be the first time that the Creative Mentorship team implements a mentorship programme for professionals coming from the culture, arts, and creative industries across the Western Balkans region.

Mentoring pairs list:

1. Aleksandar Crnogorac (mentee), Freelance photographer, Belgrade, Serbia

     Luka Knežević – Strika (mentor), Freelance documentary photographer; Visual artist   and cultural worker; Chairman of The Board at Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

2. Ana Petrović (mentee), Freelance opera singer and a language lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia

    Biljana Dakić Đorđević (mentor), Chief of Party, Civil Society Resilience Strengthening Activity (USAID), Belgrade, Serbia

3. Andrej Ostroški (mentee), Dragoslavia – Founding member / Creative producer, Belgrade, Serbia

    Ivana Zarić (mentor), Journalist/Presenter at N1, Belgrade, Serbia

4. Dajana Vujaklija (mentee), INK fest – founder and CEO; BioSense Institute – project manager, Novi Sad, Serbia

     Svetlana Stefanović (mentor), Executive Directress at Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society, Belgrade, Serbia

5. Daniela Starović (mentee), Purple Icon – Creative & Art Director, Kotor, Montenegro

    Nana Radenković (mentor), Co-Founder / Education Manager at Nova Iskra Belgrade, Serbia

6. Davor Marko (mentee), Thomson Foundation/Thomson Media – WB and CEE Programme Manager, Subotica, Serbia

     Michael Bird (mentor), working on cultural relations across Europe, Scotland, Edinburgh

7. Dejan Marković (mentee), Freelancer Visual Artist, Belgrade, Serbia

    Elma Hašimbegović (mentor), Directess of the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

8. Ilhana Latifović (mentee), Professor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design and related subjects – High School of Construction and Geodesy Tuzla, department – applied arts, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Arta Agani (mentor), – Experience in the field and in supporting visual artist’s careers, Prishtina, Kosovo

9. Ivana Zametica (mentee), Freelancer translator: President of Association of Translators and Interpreters of BiH, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

     Zoran Hamović (mentor), Director and editor-in-chief, Belgrade, Serbia

10. Jana Janeska Risteski (mentee), Chairwoman of the Arts Council and Member of the Executive Board Center for Contemporary Art Prilep, Prilep, Republic of North Macedonia

     Ivan Manojlović (mentor), Head of International Cooperation at NOVA ISKRA; Cultural Manager, Belgrade, Serbia

11. Jasmina Todorović (mentee), Singer – songwriter; Leader at Poetic therapy workshops, Belgrade, Serbia

    Dejan Vujinović (mentor), Expertise in management of cultural events; Artistic Director of the Etno Fest Subotica, Subotica, Serbia

12.  Jelena Mitić (mentee), Designer, creator, and CEO of Amanet Experience. Leader and moderator of Restyle Workshop project, Belgrade, Serbia

     Vesna Kračanović (mentor), Fashion Designer; Founder and owner of the Modle brand, Belgrade, Serbia

13. Jelena Vukčević (mentee), Museum collection of National University of Trstenik – Museum Manager, Trstenik, Serbia

     Milena Milošević Micić (mentor), Curator, Museum Advisor, and Art Historian at the Homeland Museum of Knjazevac, Serbia, Knjaževac

14. Joana Dhiamandi (mentee),  Architect-Glass Artist – Dhiamandi Studio, Tirana, Albania

     Hristina Mikić    (mentor), Directress of the Initiative “Creative Glass Serbia”; Head of Research and Development at the Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Belgrade, Serbia

15. Katarina Milosavljević (mentee), Project Manager – National Museum of Serbia; Freelance Graphic Designer, Belgrade, Serbia

     Helena Hiršenberger   (mentor), Professor of Project Management at FEFA Faculty Belgrade; Project Associate at University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia

16. Lidija Ristić (mentee), Independent Artist/Founder & Director of I:BICA, Belgrade, Serbia

     Blanka Šupe (mentor), Founder of the coworking and community space @haos.space; Startup advisor and marketing expert, Belgrade, Serbia

17. Maja Knezević Birmancević (mentee), Owner – Maja Knez Design, Novi Sad, Serbia

     Marija Marjanović (mentor), Founder and Costume Designer at Gugadzina, Belgrade, Serbia

18. Marija Krečković Gavrilović (mentee), Board director – Neozoik Foundation, Belgrade, Serbia

     Aida Vezić (mentor), Secretary General / Director of Association – Balkan Museum Network, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

19. Marija Krsteva (mentee), Docent/translator – University “Goce Delcev” – Štip, North Macedonia and Publishing house Nova press – Kavadarci, Kocani, North Macedonia

     Jovana Stošić (mentor), Marketing Manager – Creative Center, Belgrade (publishing house), Belgrade, Serbia

20. Marija Rakić Šaranac (mentee), Librarian at the local Heritage Department and editor-in-chief of the library journal Kragujevacko citaliste, Kragujevac, Serbia

     Vasilije Milnović (mentor), Head of the Scientific Center of the University Library Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

21. Marija Šormaz  (mentee), Association of Fine and Applied Art Artists and Designers of Serbia, freelance artist, Belgrade, Serbia

     Biljana Tanurovska (mentor), Program directress – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, Skopje, Nort Macedonia

22. Marko Gošović (mentee), Assistant Professor – Faculty of Visual Arts, University “Mediterranean”, Podgorica, Montenegro

     Pavle Dinulović (mentor), Sound designer and music composer; Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

23. Nelisa Baždar (mentee), Freelance Fine Artist, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

     Tamara Marković (mentor), Independent Cultural Manager and Communication Expert, Belgrade, Serbia

24. Redi Asabella (mentee), Freelance Cultural mediator, Korca, Albania

     Violeta Đerković (mentor), Coordinator of the Network of Cultural Stations, Novi Sad, Serbia

25. Tamara Popović (mentee), Executive Director – Cyclops Media (owner and Executive Director), Podgorica, Montenegro

    Mina Padežanin (mentor), Cultural manager and Creative Producer; Associate partner at Galerija 12 Future Media Studio; Founder of Hot Milk Creative Consulting; Co-founder of Black Milk Creative Force, Belgrade, Serbia


Foto: Vladimir Opsenica