“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



After thrilling and  interesting interviews in which we had an oportunity to meet all the 46 shortlisted candidates  for the IV generation of the “Creative Mentorship” programme we chose 25 participants for  in the final selection.  Candidates are from 10 cities in Serbia and from various fields of culture, creative industries and the media: cultural heritage, classical music, film, theater, contemporary visual arts, architecture, librarianship, gaming, new technologies in culture, museum pedagogy, television, radio and others. We are especially pleased that we have these participants at the IV cycle of the program because their potential to contribute to the development of cultural, artistic and media scene in Serbia, as well as to their local communities and society  is outstanding. The program “Creative mentorship” is now continued with the selection of mentors and a preparatory training of setting goals for our 25 participants.

This year, the commission was: Irena Ristic, psychologist and professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts; Ivana Jovanović Arsić, chairman at “Kulturis” association, Katarina Živanović, coordinator for international cooperation of the Museum of Yugoslavia, Nikola Andonov, MADA studio architect, Lazara Marinković, journalist and photographer, Tamara Zidar, blogger and entrepreneur, Irina Ljubić, Executive Director of the Foundation “Jelena Šantić – from the alumni and mentors of our program, and the team of Creative mentorship: Dragana Jevtić, Višnja Kisić, Tatjana Nikolić, Daša Spasojevič, Bojana Ljubišić and Ljiljana Korica.

We thank all the participants  and everyone who supported us in spreading information about our program, and especially this year we would like to thank the sponsors and partners of the project without which we would not be able to implement this program.

List of the chosen participants:

  1. Aneta Goranović, producer at “Reflektor” theater
  2. Anđelka Matijević, founder and PR at Days of urban culture in Čačak
  3. Bojana Bačić, journalist at daily newspaper “Danas”
  4. Bojana Lukić, painter and author of children workshops in the field of visual culture
  5. Biljana Branković, architect and founder of brand Archiplay
  6. Danilo Grbović, founder of  FilterApp
  7. Dragana Aleksić, program analyst at  TV Prva
  8. Dunja Pešut, profesor of Serbian language and literature in Bačka Topola
  9. Dušan Kalejski, drama pedagogue at organisation  CEKOM in Zrenjanin
  10. Ivana Todorović, fim director and producer
  11. Irina Dukić, journalist and PR in culture
  12. Jovana Ljubić, coordinator of “Days of Japanese culture” in Niš, general secretar of association “Taka”
  13. Katarina Maksimov, architect – conserver at  Zavodu za zaštitu spomenika kulture in Novom Sadu
  14. Ljubica Slavkovic, architect and project coordinator at  Centar for cultural decontamination
  15. Lidija Ham – Milovanović, associete for public relations of National museum in Belgrade
  16. Maja Bosnić, composer and art director at association “Zabuna”
  17. Maša Seničić, dramatist and one of the founders of association “Filmkultura”
  18. Milan Marković, curator – pedagogue at Museum in Smederevo
  19. Milanka Lana Nikolić, journalist of Radio Beograd 202
  20. Milica Crkvenjakov, video games designer in Novi Sad
  21. Nela Tonković, director of Contemporary art gallery in Subotica
  22. Oleg Misirača, organiser of cultural events from Pančevo
  23. Stefan Sretić, pianist, composer and professor of piano from Niš
  24. Vesna Ivanović, school librerian in village Mačkat near Čajetina
  25. Vladimir Milić, organiser of cultural activities and studies at Centar for education and culture “Božidarac”