“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Aleksandar Lipovan, mentee

International cooperation manager at the Terra Center, organizer of a multimedia festival, musician

Obtained a degree in MS geology at the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade, currently studying for a master's degree at the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management., University of Arts in Belgrade. Employed at the Terra Center in Kikinda as a manager of international cooperation. Has many years of experience as a project coordinator in the field of contemporary creativity and protection of cultural heritage. He was the coordinator of Terra's team in the cross-border cooperation project IPA Romania-Serbia. Founder and chief organizer of the multimedia festival TerraViva, which presents non-established young performers of the contemporary domestic and regional music scene. As a musician, he recorded four albums and music for a theater play. Active in the bands DrvoTruo and La La Jazz.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Goranka Horjan, mentor

Director of the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb

Director of the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb with a huge experience in EU projects. She is art historian and museologist with a PhD in information and communication sciences. She has been an active in ICOM for 25 years (as the Executive Board member 2010 – 2016: ICOM SEE chair 2016 – 2019; INTERCOM Chair 2019 – 2022; being also appointed to Standing Committees for Legal Affairs and Strategic Allocations). She has been active in Europa Nostra (Chair of Europa Nostra Heritage Award Jury in the category Education, Training and Awareness-Raising 2015 – 2019). From 2012 to 2017 she chaired the Board of Trustees of the European Museum Forum, which operates the most prestigious museum award scheme in Europe including European Museum of the Year Award and Council of Europe Museum Prize. She is also a member of ICOMOS and Interpret Europe.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Aleksandra Takač, mentee

Advisor, supervisor, implementer of educational programs in areas of social protection. President of the Association of Pedagogical-Educational Cultural Center ``EdukKo center``

Aleksandra is a B.Sc. special pedagogue with 20 years of work in social care institutions, professional and personal training was continuious. In addition to the acquired Licenses for performing supervision and specialized work, she acquired and improved her knowledge and skills in roles of supervisor, educator, coach, coordinator and team leader, and as a mentor. She is committed to providing support in empowering children, youth, families, in empowering and encouraging young people in the professional and personal affirmation of their talents and affinities. She founded several associations that deal with the protection of the rights and interests of children and families and the improvement of their quality of life: the Association of Foster Parents - Vučica Martia, the Association of Parents ``Bebironče`` and the Association Pedagogical-Educational Cultural Center ``EdukKo Center``. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Workers and the Association of Centers for Family Accommodation and Adoption.

Tatjana Obradović Tošić, mentor

Consultant for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Tatjana is passionate about growing and expanding women's impact in the world. She works as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Consultant for international organizations, ensuring their MEL systems and approaches challenge existing power structures and enable better lives for women, men, and other genders across the globe. She also provides executive productivity coaching to women consultants and leaders, helping them get control over the day to achieve big and bold visions in business and life. TEDxwomen speaker, author of research papers and articles on gender equality. Writing her first novel with a strong coffee in her hand.

Učesnici 6, ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Ana Franjčević, mentee

Actress, founder and president of Net.Teatar, program creator of the acting school at Net.Teatar for children and youth

Ana was born in 1985 in Sarajevo. She graduated in acting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Tuzla. She worked on a few theater projects in Hamburg, she cooperated with the non-verbal theater “Dr. Inat” from Pula and was coordinator at the Sarajevo Film Festival. After a longer period spent in Germany, she returned to Middle Bosnia and initiated acting school for children and youth in Kreševo and Kiseljak and created the association Net.Teatar. In her work with children and youth, she uses tools and methods in order to create original theater pieces that resulted from her work with the group. That led further to the cooperation with German association Starkmacher, so she joins a training program and exchange of drama pedagogues. She works on using the theater as tool for self-expression, learning and creation.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa Kreativnog mentorstva

Davor Dokleja, mentor

Actor and theater pedagogue, Theater company ``Pinklec``, Cultural center Čakovec

Davor Dokleja, born 1981. in Čakovec (Croatia) is an actor and theater pedagogue at the Theatre Company “Pinklec” employed in Centre of culture Čakovec. He is a member of Croatian Association of Drama Artists (actor) and a member of Croatian Centre for Drama Education. He played in more than 30 plays in various productions and co-productions in Theatre Company Pinklec and several other theatres in Croatia, of which many award-winning plays at eminent festivals in Croatia and the region. He is the head pedagogue and founder of Drama Studio Dada in Theater Company Pinklec where he directed more than 20 theatre plays with youngsters and was awarded with the ``Zvjezdana Ladika`` award by Croatian Assitej for best pedagogical work. Since 2013 he has been one of the organizers of Festival for Professional Theatres for Children and Youth at Croatian Assitej. He is married, likes to play basketball and goes on long runs in forest with his dog Simba. He also plays a guita and a few other instruments.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Ana Miladinović, mentee

Architect and founder of NGO “Znanje pod lupom”

Ana studied at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, and obtained her PhD at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. She practiced her professional engagement focused on architectural design in architectural offices in Serbia, Spain and Mexico. Alongside the great interest of architecture, she cultivates a passion for museum phenomenon. In 2020, she founded the NGO “Znanje pod lupom”, with the goal to introduce the youngest population with the children museum.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Tamara Nikolić Đerić, mentor

dr.sc. Senior Curator - Cultural Anthropologist

As curator at the Ethnographic museum of Istra (2009) and manager of Eco museum “Kuća u batani” (2014), which was recognized as an example of good practice by UNESCO in 2016, Tamara developed her ability to govern cultural heritage in various contexts, keeping in mind the community with which the organization is communicating. During 2017, she started cooperation with UNESCO as a trainer for implementation of the Convention on non-material cultural heritage. In 2018, she initiated her own project “Kulturbüro”, within which she develops programs and organizations focusing on culture and heritage (interpretation centers, eco museums, museums etc.), listening to and collaborating with various stakeholders. Field of her interest includes visual, economic and feminist anthorpology, cultural management and non material heritage.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Dragana Đoršević, mentee

Founder and owner of the Household Đorđević, eko and agro-tourism location “Old Granny's Home”, in village Seča Reka, near Kosjerić.

Permaculturist and environmental activist. As a trainer, has reach experience in running various workshops, such as ones dedicated to the women aiming to develop self-sustainability through entrepreneurship in food production. Associate of ``AMA Center``- Center for the care of people and nature. The first host of ``WWOOF Serbia``(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Before her life in a small, secluded village during the last 15 years, she lived in Belgrade and was a tourism professional.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Jelena Čubrilo Vranac, mentor

Entrepreneur, consultant for rural development and efficient administration

More than 10 years of experience in the field of agriculture and rural development. She has worked with farms, small processors and rural women's associations on product development, project writing, obtaining the necessary funds as well as their branding and market positioning, and drafting strategic documents and managing funds for agricultural and rural development at local and regional level. level. Participated in the work and empowerment of over 10 associations of women in rural areas, the formation of 3 cooperatives. Works with local governments and other public institutions to improve efficiency, involve stakeholders in public administration and develop capacity. Manager of the first Rural Development Agency in Serbia and former Undersecretary of the Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of Vojvodina. Her domain of expertise is assistance in the development of rural communities, especially women's associations; writing projects in the field of agriculture, rural development, including IPARD; development of Local Action Partnerships for Rural Development according to the LEADER methodology. Jelena is also accredited trainer for training in the field of rural development, efficient public administration, public policies, as well as personal potential development. Within the program, she wants to turn potential into reality.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Džemal Hurić, mentee

Founder, president and creator of the program of the Association for the Preservation of Tradition and Development of Cultural and Artistic Creativity “BAŠLIJA” Sarajevo

Džemal lives in Sarajevo. He has a Bachelor's degree in criminology, and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Communication Studies. He made his greatest contribution in the field of preserving tradition as a dancer, dancing from the age of eight. As an artistic director / choreographer, he has been working with children and youth for almost twenty years. He is currently the president of the Association of KUD Sarajevo Canton, with more than 4000 members. He is the editor and host of the podcast ``Dragon's Face``, through which he deals with various topics in the local community and society. He is the idea creator / author of numerous projects, among which he singles out projects related to international cooperation and international exchange and connecting artists through concerts and festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. He is a participant in the development of the Youth Strategy of the Municipality of Ilidža for the field of culture, and a Supervisor in the Office for the Fight against Corruption of the Sarajevo Canton. He is the founder of the Association for Education, Professional Development and Lifelong Learning ``Edu Arena``, which implements very important content, education and projects that contribute to the development of children, professional development of educators. He was awarded as “Innovative Teacher” for the package of didactic games in development and thus tried to help children with disabilities.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Ljubiša Jovanović, mentor

Musician, professor at the Faculty of Music and founder of the BUNT festival

Ljubiša Jovanović acquired his B.A. and M.A. degrees in Belgrade and gained further training in Paris where he received his Diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste in 1983. He has performed at all the major festivals in the former Yugoslavia, as well as in numerous places in Europe, Asia, Algerira, Argentina and South Africa. He gained many awards for his work and artistic achievements, the Great Golden Plaque ``Sreten Stojanovic`` from the Univeristy of arts being the latest. He is a permanent member of the Ensemble for New Music and the trio Anima. He has held more than 200 master classes in Serbia, region and througout the world. He was a solo flautist at the Belgrade Opera & Ballet Orchestra, Serbian Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. He is long working at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, now in the position of a full professor of flute. In addition, he was a Vice-Dean for Artistic and Scientific Work and International Cooperation at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He is the founder and the president of the professional ensemble “Camerata Serbica”. Since 2010, he has been the artistic director and conductor of the Lola Classic ensembles, and in 2013 he founded the BUNT festival. He is also an artistic director and conductor of the “Children's Philharmonic Orchestra”, as well as the artist of the “Haynes Flutes”, along with the flautists such as James Galway and Emmanuel Pahud.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Dženana Pindžo Mekić, mentee

Magistrate in sociology, painter and certified youth worker

She is born in Sarajevo, where she graduated from high school and started studying Sociology on the Faculty of Political sciences in Sarajevo in 2005. The following year, in 2006, she commenced her studies at the Academy of Arts, teaching department. The takes part in many art colonies in the country, region and Europe, as well as manifestations and associations. She is author of a number of articles on topics such as consumerism, protection of the environment and youth activism. She is currently working in KJU „ Porodično savjetovalište“ in Sarajevo as an expert associate, where she is engaged in leading workshops and lectures for children and the youth.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Katarina Živanović, mentor

The Director of the gallery of the Serbian Academy of the Arts and Sciences

Katarina Živanović holds a PhD in Museum and Heritage Studies. Currently, she is working as a curator of the Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade, where she is responsible for project development and international cooperation. As a cultural management expert, Katarina has more than 15 years of experience in management of different archaeological sites and museums, development of cultural tourism products, formal and informal education and development of Management Plans for UNESCO sites in the SEE region. Her professional focus and special attention was oriented towards community engagement, social change and development of cultural capability.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Ivana Damnjanović, mentee

Manager at the Timok youth Center, founder of the Center for Pregnant women, Parents and Kids

Ivana Damnjanović graduated from the Department of Management and Production in Theatre, Radio and Culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She gained her first theater experience at the Dah Theatre, and then through many years of work at the BITEF festival. She gained significant experience in project management at the Academica through programs dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship in culture and creative industries. She has been living in her hometown of Zajecar for several years, where she works as a program manager at the Timok Youth Center and the co-working space Pomak. In the middle of 2020, she founded the Center for Pregnant Women, Parents and Kids with the desire to work on the creative education of children in nature, to provide support to pregnant women and parents through programs dedicated to them. She applies the principles of ecology and environmental protection in her daily life. She believes that her work contributes to the community. She loves to be in nature every free moment.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Dragana Tomić Pilipović, mentor

Founder and executive director of the Center for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship - CDOP

Dragana Tomić Pilipović is the founder and executive director of the Center for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship - CDOP (www.cdop.rs) with more than 20 years of experience in the field of organizational development, strategic human resource management and design of educational and mentoring programs. She started Rural HUB 11 years ago as part of her organization - the first rural co-working space in Serbia located in the Vrmdža village near Sokobanja. She encourages and supports women's entrepreneurship, especially in rural areas. Winner of several international awards for achievements in strengthening the community through the social economy. Innovator and motivator.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa Kreativno mentorstvo

Jovana Jankov, mentee

Activist, cultural producer and co-author of the youth podcast about culture and activism in Pančevo - PančeVox

Student at the final year of Management and production of theatre, radio and culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She lives in Pančevo where she is involved in organization of various youth and cultural projects. She participated in organization and volunteer coodination of Bašta Fest, Pančevo Film Festival, MikroFAF and others. She gained additional experience during her internship at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Pančevo Youth Office and within project They live, organized by the Student Cultural Centre “Stucent City” from Belgrade. She worked as project coordinator in Association BAZAART. In her work, she points out the importance of activism, volunteer work and stuent engagement and advocates for informal education of youth. At the end of 2020, she started a youth podcast dedicated to culture and activism in Pančevo - Pančevox.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Danijela Jović, mentor

Psychologist, consultant in the field of non-profit management and youth policies

She has always nurtured a passion for development - of people, organizations, societies; she was inspired by diversity so I lived on two continents; she was fascinated by the beginnings and creations, so I founded three organizations in Serbia and a cooperative in New York that continue to contribute to youth development, respect for diversity, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, change management. harmonize (wo)man with the natural and social environment in which s/he lives. For all this, she especially likes to support people in realizing their wishes and potentials, and hence there is special decades-long love for working with young people.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Jovana Simovski, mentee


Jovana holds an MA in English Language and Literature, but has unexpectedly found herself in love with photography and visual communications. After having worked as a language instructor, she became part of a young and dynamic photography studio where she, quite unexpectedly, took her first steps as a (mainly commercial) photographer. After six years of growing within this creative community, her plan is to study photography and pursue a career in art.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Branko Sujić, mentor

Movie director

Branko Sujić is an associate professor at the Camera Department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, as well as an integral part of the Interactive Arts Laboratory at the FDA. As an author, within the Interactive Arts Laboratory, he participated in several successful art projects which have been realized in the field of virtual reality, hyper reality and virtual production. He is currently attending doctoral studies in the field of dramatic and audio-visual arts, concentrating on cinematography, photography and virtual reality. His Doctorate of Arts project ``A Look Beyond the Foreseeable`` represents one of the first ventures into the design of a gallery space in a virtual reality environment.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Kaća Dimitrijević, mentee

Coordinator of the alternative cultural center “The Nest” and manager of the association “Fakirs from the South”

Visual artist, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. During studies, she was involved in the work of a collective of artists and activists gathered within the walls of Inex Film. She founded “Fakirs from the South” association, to encourage revival and promotion of culture through the informal education of the youth, networking and exchange with the independent cultural scene, create and nourish forms of artistic expression. Manager and coordinator of Alternative Cultural Center “The Nest”, since its restoration, repurpose and initiation by the association “Fakirs from the South” in 2017. “The Nest” is now being used by citizens, associations, for art workshops, film projections, music shows, international volunteering camps, exhibitions, book promotions, lectures, festivals.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa Programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Ana Žuvela, mentor

PhD, Researcher at the Institute for development and international relations (IRMO)

PhD, Researcher at the Institute for development and international relations (IRMO) Ana’s work takes place at the intersection of cultural policy research and practices of cultural development and governance. It merges the academic side of the research work with applied analyses in the field of culture, cultural policy, cultural planning and the role of culture in the wider remit of social and political issues. Ana graduated from the University of Central England as a concert pianist and furthered her education at the University College Dublin with MA studies in cultural policy and arts management. She gained her PhD title at the University of Zadar. She is engaged on numerous research projects and cooperations with the above-national, national and local actors; from the European Parliament, UN, UNESCO to Foundation “Kultura nova”, Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, as well as a line of local administrations in Croatia and abroad. Her research interests encompass topics of socially and environmentally responsible cultural policies, new approaches to the democratization of cultural policy, and devolution of power in cultural policy. She regularly publishes scientific papers and expert articles and contributes to the development of the efforts of more equitable cultural policies.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Kristina Armuš, mentee

Assistant, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

Kristina is an Art history senior student at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade. She is currently employed as a social media and event manager for four cinemas in Belgrade and Niš. While studying, Kristina curated the „Inter/Akcija” (engl. Inter/Action) exhibition on two occasions and coordinated the exhibition on a third occasion. Kristina had her first solo curatorial exhibition titled “It’s OK” in 2019. Last but not least, Kristina is especially proud of the fact that she is an alumnus of the Nelt educational program, interdisciplinary, experimental and mentoring program for students, organized by Nova Iskra.

Mia David, mentor

Architect, curator and set designer

Mia David (Belgrade, 1974) is active in the domains of contemporary visual arts, performing arts, education and cultural management. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, and received her master's and doctoral degrees from the Stage Design from the University of Arts in Belgrade. She was a partner in the architectural studios DSZ and Blok. She founded and edited “Kvart” magazine, and was one of the founders of the NGO “Blokovi”. She taught at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and worked as the acting director of the Belgrade Cultural Center. She is a member of the Chamber of Engineers of Serbia, the Society of Architects of Belgrade, the Society of Architects of Novi Sad, NUNS, OISTAT and ICT. She is the author of a large number of completed projects in the field of architecture, design, scenography and art, as well as newspaper articles published in various media. She has exhibited in Berlin, New York, Vienna, Paris, Rennes, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Moscow, Trieste, Rome, Venice, Prague, and other cities. She is the curator of numerous exhibitions, the most important being the national performance of Serbia at the Prague Quadrennial 2015. She has won many awards and recognitions, including the Biennial of Stage Design Award (2007), Joakim Vujić Award (2007), October Salon Special Award (2014) and the Gold Medal for Establishing Dialogue (Prague Quadrennial 2015). She is the author of the radio show “Life as such” (Radio B92), “Life is where we are” (Remarker media) and the web show “Spaces of Freedom” (Remarker media). Since 2016, he has been running the “Navigator” gallery. She works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Kristina Janković Obućina, mentee

Executive manager of the Serbian Games Association- SGA

She is in charge of member relations, ecosystem building, programs, as well as events and initiatives. Kris is there to network with relevant stakeholders and provide all information about Serbia's growing gaming ecosystem. With a strong background in journalism, communications, project management, and dozens of trophies on her PS4 profile, she is always in the mood to talk about gaming and find a way to support young creatives and new projects. She has been with SGA since the very founding of the association, dedicated to developing the Serbian gaming industry and the visibility of Serbian teams, companies, and games locally, but also globally.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Snježana Bahtijari, mentor

Director of Marketing, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility at Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Snježana Bahtijari has been a long-time member of Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s Executive Management. In addition to being focused on the field of strategic responsibilities, she has been assigned responsibility for important and complex projects that are financed from the EU budget or through a national support network, as well as for those that require quality management of both internal and external interdisciplinary teams. She is also an active member of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR PSOR) and the Croatian Chamber of Economy’s CSR Affiliation and International Chamber of Commerce. For her work, Mrs Bahtijari has received significant awards like the Croatian Public Relations Association Grand PRix and regional award for strategic communication PRO.PR Award. The projects she carried out with her team have been recognized by both national and international circles as especially innovative and have received awards from a community of experts and professionals in the field. Snježana is one of the most prominent Croatian practitioners in the field of CSR. She has a rich, years-long experience as a mentor in Croatia and abroad.

Učsnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Ljiljana Radošević, mentee

Art historian and manager in culture, researcher, educator and curator within the Street Art Belgrade

Since the year 2000 Ljiljana Radošević, an art historian, has been doing research about graffiti and street art. As a part of the organisation Street Art Belgrade she has been running research, documentation and promotion of these art forms. She is an author of the first VR exhibition of Belgrade’s graffiti and street art but as the most important aspect of her work she sees guided tours around the city, which represents the actual museum/gallery for these visual expressions. Hence, she became a licensed tour guide so that she can freely educate visitors on the streets. She got MA in Mangement in Culture and Cultural Policy in the Balkans at the University of Arts in Belgrade and MA in Art Hitory at the University of Belgrade. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Jyväskylä in Finlad with the topic “Understanding Street Art; Street Art in European Context.” Throughout her career she has been working in many cultural institutions in Belgrade and has been part of the organization teams of different cultural events.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Ralph van der Zijden, mentor

Founder and owner of “Note differently” and iBikeBelgrade

After studying Sociology and International Relations in Amsterdam and working in the Balkan-region for 7 years for an NGO and local government, he followed his heart and entrepreneurial spirit and moved to Belgrade. There he started iBikeBelgrade in 2011, showing Belgrade to foreign guests by bike. The goals of the company were to provide employment, inspire people to start their own business and to promote cycling as a means of transport. To do so he also started the bicycle-festival Beograd Velograd which took place 6 times so far. Over the course of the years iBikeBelgrade expanded to Budapest and Vienna and many spin-offs started from it, like Yugotour, which takes people around Belgrade in classic Zastava cars, following the traces of Belgrade as the capital of Yugoslavia. Having more ideas than time, he keeps on developing new businesses and never sits still.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Maja Stojić, mentee

Film student, photographer and animator

The process of defining her own style and place in various types of art brought Maja Stojić closer to the world of film, where they all coexist in perfect harmony. She successfully completed her undergraduate studies at the Academy of Arts in Split in 2020. In the same year, with the aim of more specifically dealing with film directing and developing screenwriting skills, she enrolled in Film studies at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Lazar Bodroža, mentor

Film director and a visual artist

Lazar Bodroža, is a film director and a visual artist based in Belgrade. He has a background as an illustrator and graphic designer. Bodroža is CEO and owner of Metaklinika, one of the most prominent creative studios in Central Europe. In 2011, he was selected as one of the Top 20 visual artists under 30 by a prestigious Print magazine. His debut feature A.I. RISING garnered critical acclaim and awards both in the mainstream and the genre festival circuit. The film was picked up by Lionsgate in the US, Amazon Prime in France and released in major European and Asian markets. He tries to make his visual art as gripping as the most exciting genre movie, and his movies as beautiful as works of art.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Marija Džoganović, mentee

Dean and associate professor at the Faculty of visual arts within the Mediteran University in Podgorica

She got her magistrate from the Faculty of fine arts in Cetinje. She is the dean of the Faculty of visual arts in Podgorica, where she also teaches as associate professor in fine arts and visual culture. She is also co-author of the studying books for visual arts in the second cycle of elementary education. In 2017, she initiated and started coordinating numerous humanitarian projects together with students where they paint murals and organizes art workshops in health institutions for children as well as in special institutions for children. This year, she started a humanitarian project “Art therapy” for the female patients of the Special psychiatric hospital Dobrota in Kotor, with the support of this institution.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Richard Grolleau, mentor

Actor and drama therapist

Richard Grolleau is an actor, director and drama therapist. Since 2009 and completion of the school of art therapy INECAT in Paris, he leads numerous workshops with various marginalized groups in France in Serbia. He is one of founders of the association Compagnie Arti-Zanat', that focuses on theater research and creative processes, within which he created a number of inclusive theater pieces.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Jana Diklić, mentor

Cultural manager

After her theater studies and studies of cultural management, Jana Diklić worked on festivals (Bitef being one of them), as well as for various independent theater groups in France. From 2009 until 2016, she was a permanent associate of the foundation RFIEA - Réseau français des Instituts d'études avancées, which supports development of the Instututes for Advanced Studies in France. In 2010, she co-founded association Compagnie Arti-Zanat' together with Richard Grolleau.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Marija Kojić, mentee

Co-founder of the Centre for Participatory Education, product designer at furniture design company Gir, a teaching assistant at the Faculty of contemporary arts in Belgrade.

Marija is a product designer without serious plans for the future. She graduated in 2015 from the Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac, module Interior Architecture. The same year, she enrolled for master studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade, module Interior and Furniture Designer. It was only after finishing her (formal education) studies that she found herself professionally. She was extremely lucky to spend her early childhood in a village, which has significantly determined her personality and her attitude towards work and other people. She likes wearing turtleneck garments and cultivates too many plants.

Kamelija Radojčić, mentor

Co-owner of the Mandarina Cake Shop

Mother of Sonja and Marko Radojčić, graduate economist, banking manager. Immediately after the studies, she started working in a marketing agency, where she stayed for 10 years. Since 2015, she been running the Mandarina Cake Shop with her brother Krsto Radović. They currently have 4 stores, an online store and 55 employees. Their work has started a new wave of modern confectioners both in Serbia and in the entire region.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Mila Medin, mentee

Director of the company ``MM Digital`` and the non-governmental association ``Society for Cultural Development - Bauo``

Mila Medin graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade with a degree in Information Systems and Technologies. During 2016, she became a co-founder and director of the non-governmental association ``Society for Cultural Development - Bauo``, with which she successfully implements a number of activities aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of the coast, but also other parts of Montenegro. At the end of 2020, she founded her own company for digital marketing, graphic design and web development, ``MM Digital``. She lives and works in Petrovac na Moru.

Slobodan Jovanović Coba, mentor

Founder and Creative Director at Designed.rs and Coba&Associates

He believes that creative and critical thinking is the motor for social improvement, a better understanding of our living environment, and a spark for the enrichment of any kind in our personal life. He gained education in the domain of design, fine arts, and strategic planning in Belgrade, Italy, the USA, the UK, and Sweden. With rich experience in branding, he designed over 400 packaging and identity projects. He is the founder and creative director of the online design magazine Designed.rs and of the branding and creative agency Coba&Associates.

Učesnici 6. ciklusa programa Kreativno mentorstvo

Milena Milošević Micić, mentee

An M.A. art historian, museum advisor

She works as a museum advisor at the Homeland Museum of Knjaževac. For 20 years, she has been a dedicated activist, curator, educator, PR, project manager, and acting director of the museum in two mandates, with the main goal to develop a new role of the museum in the local community. She believes that museums are public spaces open for everyone, forums for open dialogs or debates, places of unique values of common heritage. Fields of expertise: art history, museum studies, collection management, access and social inclusion, marketing in culture, cultural& educational tourism… Membership: ICOM, SMА, BMN, BMAG, AAM, AAMC.

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Biljana Dakić Đorđević, mentor

Executive Director, Trag Foundation

Biljana is the Executive Director of Trag Foundation. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the non-profit sector, her areas of expertise include grantmaking, fundraising and partnerships development, program management and cross-sector cooperation. She previously worked on regional and national programs with the GMF Balkan Trust for Democracy (2012-2014), Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (2004-2012), Pax Christi Netherlands (2001-2003) and others. She is a Board Member of the Council for Corporate Social Responsibility with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the UN Global Compact in Serbia. Biljana is alumna of several international women leadership development programs.

Nataša Kraljević, mentee

President of the Montenegrin Centre of ITI International & Inter-University Cooperation Adviser at the University of Mediterranean and the Lecturer at the Faculty of Visual Arts.

As a recipient of the Chevening award granted by the UK Government, Nataša completed the MA program in Arts Festival and Cultural Management at the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh in 2020. She holds an LLM in Intercultural Human Rights, from the St. Thomas University, School of Law completed in Miami, FL/USA prior to which she earned a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Montenegro, School of Law in Podgorica. Natasa has a broad experience within the context of international cooperation. She is the International & Inter-University Cooperation Adviser at the University of Mediterranean and the Lecturer at the Faculty of Visual Arts, University of Mediterranean. Nataša is the President of the Montenegrin Centre of ITI since 2019.

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Jagoda Stamenković, mentor

Cultural manager

Decades of experience in the field of cultural management - film co-productions, Culture department of the Centre Sava, the festivals - FEST, BITEF, Author's Film Festival, Tribune of composers, LS Jazz Festival, Budva City Theatre (Montenegro), and Serbia's appearance at the Venice Biennales, and many others… She lived and worked in Croatia, Greece and France. Operational director at the Cultural Centre of Serbia in Paris (2002-2006). Works in the Ministry of Culture and Media on international cooperation. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and attended part of studies at the Sorbonne (Paris IV). MA - Cultural Management and Cultural Policy (UNESCO Chair, Belgrade and Université Lumière Lyon 2), and PhD - Art theory and Film studies (Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade). She wants to pass her experience and positive energy to others.

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Sanja Ćopić, mentee

Employee experience manager u kompaniji Eyesee an founder of the project Ćopiranje

Sanja Ćopić (1992) was born in Belgrade where she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts with a master's degree in sculpture, working with Mrdjan Bajic. She exhibited at over 30 group and 3 solo shows in Serbia and abroad, among others at the Salon of the museum of contemporary art in Belgrade with a video performance titled “Standup comedy/Standup tragedy” and the Belgrade Biennial in 2021. Her work is focused on identity, the body, contemporary media, memories, ecology, and the life of artists who have 9 to 5 jobs through video, performance, and installations. She is interested in sustainable fashion, communications, philanthropy, LGBT rights, and loves writing lists. Currently, she is a master’s student in Human Resource Management at the Faculty of Media and Communications and works as the Employee Experience Manager at EyeSee. Since 2020, Sanja is on Instagram with her project Copiranje (instagram @copiranje), which she uses to promote sustainable fashion by hand-painting flora and fauna motifs on second-hand clothes, giving them a new life.

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Olga Svoboda, mentor

Director of solution development at TACK TMI, a global consulting and training company

Olga is an experienced consultant, manager, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in developing and managing various programs and strategies in the HR. For 15 years, Olga successfully led one of the largest HR companies in the region, Gi Group HR Solutions, and today she is Director for Solution Development at TACK TMI, a global consulting and training company. She cooperates with partners in over 30 countries and is responsible for the company's development strategy. Her experience in combination with her authentic care for clients, and the need to create right solutions, has helped her successfully support many national and international companies as well as many individuals in achieving their goals and moving forward.

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Tamara Pavlović, mentee

Bio-anthropologist, director of the “Neozoi”k Foundation

As an archaeologist, she continued professional work in a laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine, where she researches bio-anthropology as a Ph.D. student, studying old human bones and biographies of vanished civilizations. When she leaves the basement and dust, she shares a passion for archeology and science with a wider audience. Together with a team of longtime friends from the Archeology Department from Petnica Science Center, founded the Neozoik Foundation with the idea to actively raise the awareness of the importance of archeology and cultural heritage through education and its popularization in the region. When everything becomes boring, she takes a camera and makes photographs throughout the Balkans (or cooks).

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Filip Šrajer, mentor

Architect and urban planner, founder of 4 GRADA DRAGODID association

Born in 1977 in Zagreb. PhD, M.Arch. His main fields of expertise are planning (urban and spatial planning and studies) and built heritage (especially dry-stone structures). Works as a junior partner in URBING company in Zagreb. Since 2003 he has been tutoring practical workshops, presentations, and research projects in dry-stone heritage, resulting in doctoral dissertation, two published scholarly papers, and many professional and popular works. He is one of the founders and a member of the board of 4 GRADA DRAGOGIG association, awarded nationally and internationally for cultural heritage protection. He lives with his wife Vanja and three sons in Krajiška street in Zagreb.

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Tijana Kostić, mentee

Architect and furniture designer, co-founder of “Focal Design” Studio

2015. obtains a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Belgrade and in 2019. Master of Arts from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. In 2016, together with a colleague, she established a “Focal design” studio, a multidisciplinary, research-oriented practice active in the fields of architecture, interior, furniture, and product design, working closely with local artisans and collaborating with other practitioners and professionals. They see their practice as a bridge between craftsmanship, industry, products, and users. They are interested in creating links between their research-based practice and the wider design industry.

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Ivana Borovnjak, mentor

Designer at the studio OAZA

Ivana Borovnjak is a designer based in Zagreb, working independently and as a member/founder of Oaza Art and Design Collective. She graduated in conceptual design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007. Since then she has been actively involved in the independent cultural scene collaborating with designers, artists and cultural organizations. From 2013 — 2017 she was the director of Croatian Designers Association, taking a role of creative direction and management of various initiatives, platforms, festivals and educational projects. She curates, researches and writes about design.

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Vana FIlipovski, mentee

Cultural manager, program manager on projects fostering cooperation between Kosovo* and Serbia at the Heartefact Fund

Born in 1991 in Belgrade. She holds MA in Peace Studies from the Faculty of Political Sciences and the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Driven by the belief that art and culture can play a significant role in political and social changes in post-conflict societies as well as in peacebuilding, she has been part of various projects in Serbia and abroad. She loves visual art.

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Aida Begić, mentor

Film director, scriptwriter and producer

Her films won numerous awards at festivals worldwide. She is professor at The Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo and she is member of AMPAS (American Motion Picture and Science Academy), EFA (European Film Academy), SACD (French Association of Authors) and UFRBiH (Bosnian Film Society).

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Vanja Nikolić, mentee

Playwright, author and writing mentor. Founder of “Tačkica books”, peronalized creatve children books

She graduated from Comparative literature in Novi Sad, and right after that she graduated playwriting at the Academy of Arts. She worked on dozens od theater peices as playwright and author. For theater and other magazines she wrote critics, analysis and texts, and was also an editor. She is the author of two interactive books for adults, published by Arete publishing house. At the same time, she cooperated with various organizations, publishing houses and entrepreneurs as copywriter. She broadened her knowledge of marketing and entrepreneurship through various courses. Finally, she joint these two experiences and founded “Vanja tačka”, a studio for artistic creating, where she also produces “Tačkica books”, personalized children books and runs a mentoring program for writing.

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Maja Lalić, mentor

Founder and head of Mikser organization

Architect, expert on gender equality and sustainable urban development with a focus on the circular economy. Ranked by the New York Times as one of Belgrade's ``most advanced architects``, Maja is the founder of the Mikser organization and creative director of the Mikser festival dedicated to urban culture and sustainable development. Educated as an urban planner at Columbia University in New York, she launches industrial neighborhood revitalization projects with cultural content such as the Mikser House in Belgrade and Sarajevo; advocates participatory urban practices and implementation of urban solutions based on the elements of nature. She is the co-founder of the Women's Architectural Society, the founder of the Regional Balkan Young Designers platform and the founder of the Balkan Design Network dedicated to developing regional young talents in the field of sustainable design.