“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



    Aleksej Vasić, mentee

    Co-founder and CEO of Lumina Images, currently the largest and most successful photo collective in the region

    Having previously worked as a commercial photographer, Aleksej founded Lumina Studio together with several other photographers in 2011. Not long after its founding, Lumina Studio became a playground for redefining traditional business models and approaches to work and people. Today, several hundred successful projects across a range of clients position Lumina among the most dominant participators on the global market.

    Veronika Tasić Vušurović, mentor

    Consultant for long-term business development, business skills development trainer

    Veronika is an advisor for long-term company development and better management, a business skills development trainer and startup ecosystem enthusiasts. She has worked with companies in the fields of banking, telecommunications, food processing and retail, energy, as well as numerous institutions in Southeast Europe to help them define their strategic goals and programs implementation. She has also worked for UNICEF projects in the field of child protection and youth promotion. Woozdom, a company she founded, helps individuals and organizations across Europe to improve their skills and their businesses in an inspiring and fun way. She believes that we all have creative potential and that everyone should be given a chance to use their potential.

    Bjanka Gabrić, mentee

    Producer, workspace manager of Nova Iskra, the first creative hub in the Balkans

    Bjanka graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, department of Management and Production of Theater, Radio and Culture. Through Erasmus mobility program, she did the part of her studies at Aristotel University of Thessaloniki. She started her professional development as assistant in Nova Iskra, where she currently works as a Workspace Manager. Together with her team, she runs the coworking space and works on developing the community of Nova Iskra Savamala.

    Riley Hammersly, mentor

    Writer/creator from San Francisco, community manager at Nordeus

    Riley is a writer/creative from San Francisco, California. Since 2016, he’s lived and worked in Belgrade as community manager at mobile game developer Nordeus, engaging communities of millions on a daily basis. Prior to landing in gaming, Riley worked across the media landscape in digital marketing, film/TV and tech. He holds a degree in American Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles.

    Bojana Karajović, mentee

    Producer, executive director of Belgrade Drama Theater

    Bojana Karajović was born in Belgrade 1985. She graduated Faculty of Dramatic Arts, department of Management and production in theatre, radio and culture. She gained a long- term experience in theatre production working at institutional theatres in Belgrade (Little theatre „Dusko Radović“, Theatre „Bosko Buha“, Belgrade Drama Theatre) from 2007. till now. Among the engagement at the theatre production, she is involved in organization of the theatre festivals and congress (Bitef Festival, Belgrade Dance Festival, IFTR Congress). She is working as an executive director at Belgrade drama theatre since 2014. She produced numerous theatre performances at institutional level, as well as an independent ones.

    Jasna Dimitrijević, mentor

    Director of Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment

    She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, majoring in the organization of theatrical, cultural and artistic activities (theater and radio production). She has dedicated her professional career to polyvalent cultural institutions as a producer, program editor and executive director. In the past two decades, she was the director of the Belgrade Youth Center, Sava Center, Touristic Organization of Belgrade and is now the head of Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment - Kolarčeva zadužbina. The willingness to embrace new initiatives and ideas made the work of the institutions she managed visible. Improving the work of the institutions in which she worked, she collaborated with numerous organizations, cultural institutions, festivals and events in Belgrade and Serbia. Her theoretical interest is related to models of cultural center management, strategic development of cultural institutions, cultural diplomacy and the creation of exciting cities.

    Bojana Petraš, mentee

    Senior graduate librarian at Professional library of National Museum Zrenjanin

    Bojana Petras graduated at the Desk of general linguistics at the Faculty of Philology in University of Belgrade. She is working in a Professional library of National museum in Zrenjanin, as a librarian, an editor, also taking care of collections of old and rare books and, if necessary, organizes exhibitions, workshops and promotions. She was represented the Museum in competitions, as one of the nominees for the Award European Museum of the Year (EMYA) in Glasgow and the Ziva award in Zadar. She was a scholar of Samuel H. Kress Foundation and Digital Library Federation and had the opportunity to participate in the Vancouver Forum. Recently, she’s got a role of a president of department of museum librarian of Serbian Museum Association. The last but not least – she is a mom of a playful baby boy.

    Ivana Jovanović Arsić, mentor

    Cultural manager, founder and president of organisation Kulturis, which works on projects of international cooperation in the field of culture, arts and education

    She holds Master degrees in cultural management, international cooperation and cultural diplomacy from the University of Barcelona and in Hispanics at the University of Belgrade. Founder and president of the Kulturis association, which is focused on projects of international cooperation in the field of culture, art and education, as well as raising awareness about the role of culture in contemporary society. She is the author of the concept and editor of the publication Planeta Čitalac, a bilingual handbook of good practice examples in the field of audience development in Serbian and European public libraries. In the field of Hispanics, she has been working for 15 years to promote the value of Hispanic cultures and the importance of Spanish as a language of international communication through her work at the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade.

    Branislav Milićević, mentee

    Architect conservator at the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments

    Branislav Milićević is a conservation architect. Following his interest in restoration and conservation of cultural heritage, he has been actively involved in the field through numerous conservation related projects, formal and informal education, volunteer and professional work. Currently, he works at the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, where he is involved in the work on preparation of the nomination dossier for inscription of the Cultural landscape of Bač and its surroundings on the UNESCO World Heritage List. He is particularly interested in revitalization of cultural monuments; therefore he is researching possibilities for the adaptive reuse of an abandoned military complex for the second master thesis (Advanced Master of Conservation of Monuments and Sites, RLICC, KU Leuven).

    Aida Vežić, mentor

    Secretary General of the Balkan Museum Network, a consultant for the development of civil society organizations in BiH and the region

    Secretary General of the Balkan Museum Network (BMN), which has 80 museums and 120 individuals from 13 Balkan countries. She holds master Degree in ``Cultural Development Projects” from the International Labor Organization and the University of Turin, after which she realizes her activities in the field of culture and heritage by strengthening the capacities of independent cultural organizations and public cultural institutions. Since 2001, as a consultant, she has been developing civil society organizations both in BiH and in the Western Balkans region. She is a certified facilitator by the DANIDA program and Executive Board member of the Network of European Museum Organizations (NEMO) and ``Crvena`` Association Board member. Through these bodies, she is involved in lobbying for a better position for culture, art and museums in society.

    Danijela Radošević, mentee

    Activist and program manager at the National Coalition for Decentralization

    Previously worked as a Public Relation Manager in Municipality of Trstenik. In NCD in charge of electoral reform program, promoting election system reform that should bring personalization of the system. Currently, local and national MPs are elected only from political party lists, resulting with more than 60% of municipalities in Serbia without any MPs from their communities. During three years in NCD, responsible for the management, implementation and monitoring of different program component of three different projects that covered topics such as transparency of elected officials, culture, citizen engagement, support of civic initiatives, community resource mobilization, active engagement in local communities etc. Lives and work in Niš.

    Nathan Koeshall, mentor

    Director and co-founder of Catalyst Balkans, which supports the development and expansion of philanthropy in the region

    Nathan has made the Western Balkans both his home and office for the past 17 years, developing an ever-increasing interest in engaged citizenship, social change, and catalyzing and advising local-sourced philanthropy. He has worked within/led international development programs focused on community engagement and civil society capacity building and grantmaking in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. He loves listening to and telling stories about the creative and innovative ways that individuals and companies serve their fellow man.

    Dragana Jakovljević, mentee

    Playwright, producer, program coordinator and executive director of festival “Valjevo Film Encounters” (Valjevski filmski susreti)

    Dragana Jakovljevic was born in 1989 in Valjevo. She graduated in Dramaturgy and obtained master degree from film and TV production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She wrote and produced a short fiction film Norway supported by Film Center Serbia. In the film industry she successfully organized Beldocs market, the event supported by Creative Europe. Together with her colleagues from Vakum association she organizes a film festival Valjevski filmski susreti. Currently, she is developing film workshops for high school students from Valjevo and Montenegro in cooperation with Seanema Film Festival.

    Jovana Karaulić, mentor

    PhD student and assistant professor at the Department of Management and Production of Theater, Radio and Culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDU)

    PhD student and professor assistant at the department of Management and Production of Theater, Radio and Culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She gained practical experience working as a producer at the largest national events in the country, including the appearance of the Republic Serbia at the EXPO World Exhibition in Shanghai and the Opening Ceremony of the Universiade in Belgrade. She produced the feature film ``The Witch Hunters`` as well as the documentary ``Returning Home - Marina Abramović``. She is one of the founders of the street newspaper ``Lice ulice`` and has won the City of Belgrade Award for the realization of the Universiade Opening Ceremony, as a member of the NGIO team. She has published articles in relevant scientific journals and conference proceedings she has attended.

    Gordana Vukov Ciganjik, mentee

    Actress and cultural manager. Co-founder of the organization Klara i Rosa in Subotica, initiator of the independent acting troupe “Free scene of Subotica” (Slobodna scena Subotice)

    Gordana was born in 1984 in Subotica. She finished Gymnasium in Subotica and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, the acting department. She worked at the city cultural foundation for seven years. She is one of the founder of the NGO “Klara i Rosa” as well as the initiator of the founding an independent acting troupe ”Slobodna scena Subotice”. Currently, she works as a PR at College of Vocational Studies for Education of Preschool Teachers and Sport Trainers in Subotica, as well as on several international projects. She strives to help creating good cultural and social opportunities in Subotica, in order to make Subotica great place for living.

    Iva Čukić, mentor

    Director of the Urban Policy Institute, founder and program director of the “Street Gallery” (Ulična galerija). Holds PhD from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade

    Graduated and obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. The focus and area of her research related to the management and disposal of spatial resources, urban common property, as well as to the points of encounter of the institutional, planning and normative framework with forms of informal practices. She is the director of the Urban Policy Institute (IUP). She is the founder and program director of the street gallery ``Ulična galerija`` in Belgrade. She is the co-founder of the Platform for the Theory and Practice of Social Goods - zajednicko.org. She is also a member of the Trag Foundation's donor committee in the Active Communities program. And member of internationals networks: INURA (International Networks for Urban Research and Action), European Commons Assembly, Citizens Lab and the ``Kooperativa`` regional network.

    Igor Marsenić, mentee

    Visual artist and member of the City Council of the City of Šabac

    Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, Department for Mural Painting. Had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad as the resident artist of the Gallery Zvono from Belgrade, in the period between 1998 and 2016. Elected to the position of the member of the City Council of Šabac in charge of cultural policy and cooperation with the CSO in 2016. Participated in the programme of the Swedish Institute for Democracy “Symbio City” as well as in the programme of the Ministry of Culture of France “Courants de mond”. Perceives participation in politics as personal contribution to the process of democratization of the domain of culture, development of the community and creation of a different cultural model.

    Veselin Vasiljković, mentor

    Senior HR consultant and trainer at Gi Group Serbia

    Recognized in the market as a referent consultant for Cultural Change projects, Team Development and Problem Solving programs. With over 10 years of experience as Senior HR Consultant and trainer for Gi Group he has been helping teams and individuals ignite change. In his work he is successfully utilizing interdisciplinary knowledge from different fields of art, architecture and technology in creating and implementing innovative and practical solutions. Veselin is focused on inspiring individuals to fully engage and be open for a new experience. He will never miss an opportunity to bring fun in everything he does.

    Janko Belić, mentee

    Member of the K-town CSO and one of the coordinators of the International Art Camp in Kosjerić

    Obtained a master's degree from the University of International Economics and Business in Beijing, majoring international economics. Member of the K-Town Group from Kosjerić, which has a goal of culture and art affirmation in the municipality and the region, as well as the protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms. One of the coordinators of the ``International Art Camp Kosjerić`` project that gathers 30-40 artists from different parts of the world and Serbia each year in Kosjerić.

    Danko Nikolić, mentor

    Founder of Zajecar Initiative, one of the leading civil society organizations operating outside Belgrade

    Danko Nikolic is one of the founders of the Zajecar Initiative (ZI). Formed in 2001, ZI has grown into one of leading civil society organizations working outside of Belgrade. Danko has professional experience as a freelance consultant with expertise in fundraising, presentation skills and advocacy. He cooperates with the Regional Program of the National Democratic Institute in Southeastern Europe as a program consultant. Danko is a huge fan of the Depeche Mode. In 2006 he has collected over 5,000 online signatures to convince the band to perform in Belgrade. He has a fear of flying and prefers traveling by train. He is trying to play bass guitar in the band Huti Ota Tre. He holds a BSc in politics and international relations from the London School of Economics (LSE).

    Jasna Brkić, mentee

    Librarian at the Belgrade City Library in the children's department (classical philology degree)

    Jasna Brkić has a degree in classical philology, but in reality she works as children's librarian. She works in a small oasis of culture, in Children's Department of the Belgrade City Library. She doesn’t work the job she loves, she loves the job she works! Why? Because she works with children in the most beautiful way: without limiting to certain topics and school curriculum, in a relaxed and creative manner and whenever she feels like. And she feels like often because she works in a great small team stimulated by the most reliable fuel - (almost) inexhaustible enthusiasm. She likes a lot to share knowledge and experience, so she actively gives presentations and lectures for librarians. And yes, the stereotype, she reads a lot!

    Nana Radenković, mentor

    Co-founder of Nova Iskra creative hub, founder of the KidsPatch children's festival and professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade

    One of the co-founders of Nova Iskra, where she is focused on creating mentoring programs, trainings and workshops for individuals, organizations and companies interested in taking an active role in the processes of transformation - not only of their projects and businesses, but also through the creation of new ways in which we could learn, live and work in the future. She holds MA in Management in Culture, Interculturalism and Mediation in the Balkans from the University of Arts in Belgrade, and a BA in Art History. She has extensive experience in working in the private, public and civil sectors. She is a founder of KidsPatch festival and professor at the FMK in Belgrade.

    Katarina Ivakić, mentee

    Entrepreneur and founder of the first body-positive community Kataliza

    Katarina Ivakić was born in Belgrade, in 1994, where she attended and finished elementary and high school. She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts - department of Theatre Management and Production, and she is currently enrolled in the MA programme - Culture and Media Management - at the same faculty. At the moment, she is working at a PR and Media agency “Kontakta” as a copywriter and influence producer. Apart from her regular job, she started the body positive movement in Serbia through “Kataliza”, NGOs, workshops and making large-sized dresses for girls. In her free time, she likes writing, sewing, creating micro-influencers and filming Instagram videos.

    Olga Svoboda, mentor

    Director of solution development at TACK TMI, a global consulting and training company. For 15 years she successfully ran one of the leading HR companies in the region, Gi Group HR Solutions

    Olga is an experienced consultant, manager, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in developing and managing various programs and strategies in the HR. For 15 years, Olga successfully led one of the largest HR companies in the region, Gi Group HR Solutions, and today she is Director for Solution Development at TACK TMI, a global consulting and training company. She cooperates with partners in over 30 countries and is responsible for the company's development strategy. Her experience in combination with her authentic care for clients, and the need to create right solutions, has helped her successfully support many national and international companies as well as many individuals in achieving their goals and moving forward.

    Maida Gruden, mentee

    Art historian, Head of visual arts department at the Students’ City Cultural center

    Graduated from the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Participated in a series of curatorial workshops, residences and conferences in Serbia and abroad. Works as a Head of visual arts department at the Students’ City Cultural Center in New Belgrade. She’s the initiator and manager of the Artist-in-Residence project Roommate oriented towards the life of students, based on contextual artistic practices and located in the Student City in New Belgrade. She’s interested in the development of projects in the field of contemporary art that involve working with the community and bringing contemporary art to young people and students as an important tool for understanding contemporary society.

    Goran Tomka, mentor

    Culturologist, assistant professor at the Faculty of Sports and Tourism in Novi Sad and guest lecturer at the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Policy at the University of Arts in Belgrade

    Docent at the Faculty of Sports and Tourism in Novi Sad and guest lecturer at the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Policy of the University of the Arts in Belgrade, at the University of International Relations in Beijing and at Lumiere 2 University in Lyon. He reports on Serbia's cultural policies for the Council of Europe's Compendium of Cultural Policies and holds trainings, lectures and seminars around the world on audience development, intercultural dialogue and participatory cultural policies. He explores, travels, teaches, writes and advocates for fairer, more politically and socially relevant and greener cultural policies and practices. His latest book ``Audience Explorations - A Guide to Hopefully Seeking the Audience`` has been published by the international theatre platform IETM.

    Maja Ćurčić, mentee

    Music teacher, president of the association Art Aparat that teaches and empowers children and vulnerable social groups

    Maja Ćurčić graduated at the Faculty of Music Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. For the last 10 years she is teaching music through formal and informal education and helping in strengthening different capacities of the children and youth through music. She worked as a teacher in music school for 5 years and co founded Art Aparat Association with an aim to participate and perform educational projects with vulnerable groups. As a composer, she created music for Film, TV, theater and music for children.

    Tatjana Obradović Tošić, mentor

    Entrepreneur, trainer, mentor and consultant, author of the Self-care Rebel podcast

    Tatjana is entrepreneur, trainer, mentor and consultant. Her main personal value is freedom and her passions are planners and coffee. She has more than 12 years of work in the field of gender equality and minority rights, contracted by REF, WB, UN, OHCHR, EU and SIDA. Author at Self-care Rebel podcast, a place where seriously hard conversations focused on women self-care as a rebellious act against patriarchy take place. Her main superpower is simplifying number of information in the form of map, strategy or a process. That is why she now helps to too busy female entrepreneurs around the globe, to get back control over their life and business by using her unique mapping process.

    Marija Čerkez, mentee

    Preschool teacher in Požarevac, working on developing creativity in children

    Feels in her best when applying her talents directly in immediate work with children, through creative workshops and mindfulness games. Wants to introduce educators with her emotional and intellectual information, thus inspiring them for performing educational work. The city of Požarevac award winner-an acknowledgement for realized results in educational work, 2014. Mentor in working with gifted children. One of the authors and team leaders in the project realization “The archives adventure” – creating both the picture and color book; possesses an extinguished capacity for the contemporary innovations in Pedagogy. Actively follows ART scene in Serbia and abroad.

    Tijana Pavlović, mentor

    Teacher at preschool “Return to Nature” (Povratak Prirodi), dealing with integrative planning, project-based learning and drama in education

    As a graduated pedagogue, she has implemented various projects in the school system as a coordinator (related to the integration of socially marginalized groups, inclusive education, prevention of peer violence, professional orientation), thanks to which she has collaborated with numerous national and international institutions. She believes in the power of education and culture as the driving forces of society. She is involved in integrative planning, project learning and drama in education at pre-school ``Povratak prirodi`` (Back to Nature). She is developing a drama workshop that encourages the development of children's self-esteem through various forms and opportunities for children's expression. She explores the children's world of ideas and expressions through storytelling, puppetry, movement. For years now she has been associate of the Institute for the Advancement of Education.

    Milana Vojnović, mentee

    French language graduate, editor of the independent portal “Hoću u pozorište”

    Graduated in philology and French teacher, it was exactly through the French language and culture that Milana was introduced to the world of theatrical events. During her studies, she first volunteered during the Festival of French-speaking high school theater and later became the coordinator of the very event, staying on this position for three years. Inspired by this experience, she went to Belgium for an EVS program to further explore the possibilities of creative work with the youth groups through workshops and theater; she took part in organisation and production of a few smaller events that were focused on the groups’ creative work. In 2017, she joined the team of editors of the internet portal Hoću u pozorište, where she could join her love for language and writing, as well as her coordinator abilities.

    Anđelka Janković, mentor

    Producer and cultural entrepreneur. Bitef Festival Marketing Manager

    Manager, producer and cultural entrepreneur actively working through her agency for consulting, marketing and production of artistic projects ``Kulturifik``. She is member of the Bitef team for many years, leading the marketing, PR and development of the Bitef Festival. Employed at the ``2i Film`` Serbia distribution company, where she leads the Serbian and Montenegrin markets, and has distributed and promoted the first ever hand-painted film in history, nominated for the Oscar : ``Loving Vincent``. She is currently volunteering on the ``Inspiring Girls`` project, global campaign for empowering girls. Member of numerous organizations, including the European Project for Culture Forum in Serbia and the Alumni Club of the ``Share Your Knowledge Become a Mentor`` program.

    Milena Banić, mentee

    Lawyer and international consultant for human rights, environmental protection and sustainable development

    Milena Banić is a lawyer and an international consultant for human rights and sustainable development. She graduated in law, and after her bachelor studies, she has completed two master programs and obtained the titles of Master of Laws in European Integration and Master in the field of Rights of the Child. As a PILnet Fellow, she was trained in Public Interest Advocacy at the Columbia University School of Law, New York. She is currently preparing a doctoral dissertation in the field of environmental law. She is a founder of Future Generations, a concept for a sustainable future and an ecological culture. The goal of this concept is to promote sustainable development and green economy, ecological lifestyles, sustainable design, sustainable food, corporate social responsibility, innovations and rights of future generations.

    Maja Lalić, mentor

    Architect, founder and president of Mikser organization, creative director of Mikser festival, expert on gender equality and sustainable development

    Architect, expert on gender equality and sustainable urban development with a focus on the circular economy. Ranked by the New York Times as one of Belgrade's ``most advanced architects``, Maja is the founder of the Mikser organization and creative director of the Mikser festival dedicated to urban culture and sustainable development. Educated as an urban planner at Columbia University in New York, she launches industrial neighborhood revitalization projects with cultural content such as the Mikser House in Belgrade and Sarajevo; advocates participatory urban practices and implementation of urban solutions based on the elements of nature. She is the co-founder of the Women's Architectural Society, the founder of the Regional Balkan Young Designers platform and the founder of the Balkan Design Network dedicated to developing regional young talents in the field of sustainable design.

    Milesa Milinković, mentee

    BA of Education, MA of Gender Studies, Director of the Film Festival Uhvati film

    She graduated Pedagogy and holds Master degree in Gender Studies. Since 2005, she was in the organizational team, and since 2012 she is Executive Director of the Film Festival “Uhvati film”, festival about disability that is being held in Novi Sad, but also in Rijeka, Banja Luka and Kotor. She is the author and coordinator of the project “Art Destroy Walls”, which includes film workshops and the production of 17 short films about disability whose authors are people with disabilities. She is also an author of 2 films about women with disabilities and (also the author of) a number of papers in the field of feminist disability theory. In short, her vocation is an activist in the field of disability and her motto is: “be the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi).

    Iva Plemić, mentor

    Film and festival producer, Executive Board member of the Association DokSrbija, Eurodoc alumna and deputy representative of Serbia in the Cultural support fund of the Council of Europe - Eurimages

    She graduated production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, and the Valorisation of Film Cultural Heritage in Paris. First film experience she gained in feature film productions. She dedicated herself to documentary filmmaking, working on the films by Mila Turajlić: Cinema Komunisto (producer and distributor) and The Other Side of Everything (executive producer). She has been a producer of the Magnificent 7 film festival for years now. Iva has produced Miloš Tomić's films - Musical Traumas and Genius Films. She spent three years on the mission of Doctors Without Borders, and in 2017 she joined Horopter Film Production, producing 4 years in 10 minutes, film by Mladen Kovačević. Also a member of the Executive Board of the Documentary Association of Serbia - DokSerbia, Eurodoc alumni and Deputy Representative of Serbia in the Council of Europe Film Fund - Eurimages.

    Miloš Antić, mentee

    Founder and president of the Jedi Movement promoting culture and activism in Niš

    The founder and CEO startup Wibbly Wobbly, co-founder and development manager of online platform and brand Nerd Alert, founder of the Jedi Movement and the popular JediCon festival. He positioned Nerd Alert as the leading platform and brand of the popular culture. He is also a founder of the Start Up “Wibbly Wobbly” in the field of design, branding and printing on clothes. The Jedi Movement has established a community to promote a culture of peace. They are always finding ways to improve human relations in the community through humanitarian work and philanthropy. He teaches meditation courses. He is one of the organizers for winter marathon and semi-marathon in Nis, triathlon on Vlasina and races at 6h, 12h, 24h in Belgrade at Kalemegdan.

    Virdžinija Đeković, mentor

    Manager of numerous cultural projects, activist, PhD student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDU)

    Virdžinija is currently pursuing her PhD studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, where she completed her bachelor's and master's degrees. Through theoretical work, she research in the field of cultural policies and the possibilities of increasing participation in decision-making within local communities. In practice, she gained most of her work experience working in the civil sector as a project and/or financial manager in several organizations, starting from the organisation Tačka komunikacije. On Fridays, she is the host of Sceniranje on RadioAparat, and on Saturdays this year she attended Studies of Commons, learning how to rethink the community. She is a member of the Board of the Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia (NKSS) and a participant in the international program Re-shape. Virdžinija is from Pančevo and she lives and works in Belgrade.

    Miloš Milovanović, mentee

    Producer / Presenter of N1 TV, founder of contrabass weekend BassPassion, associate of Kolarac Endowment

    Television reporter, producer and presenter with more than 18 years of experience on TV N1, B92, Studio B and BK. Graduated on Faculty of Music Art (master’s degree - music artist, contrabass player). Year 2015 Miloš founded and organized the BassPassion weekend festival, which was held in 2015 and 2016. Since 2011 he is associate of Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, as co-author and host of the educational children's program ”Small School of Bonton - how to listen to the concert”. Winner of the Press Knight Award - Miloje Mića Orlović of the 2010 Press Knight Festival. The Kolarac Endowment awarded him for outstanding contribution to the program activity in 2014. For many years he has been active as a trainer for media and public appearances.

    Ivan Milivojev, mentor

    Co-founder of several festivals in Serbia and region: EXIT festival, Warriors Dance Festival, Sea Dance Festival, R:EVOL:UTION festival and #DEV9T

    Ivan Milivojev is one of the founders several festivals in Serbia and region, EXIT festival (Serbia, 2000), Warriors Dance Festival (Serbia, 2012), Sea Dance Festival (Montenegro, 2014), rEVOLUTION festival (Romania, 2015) and #Dev9t (Serbia, 2015). Twenty years of festival experience along with projects such as Robbie Williams, RHCP, Franz Ferdinand, Madonna, The Chemical Brothers, Manu Chao, Gentleman, ZAZ, Cheikh Lo, The Prodigy and many other are certain proof of his professionalism and quality. Since 2011 Ivan Milivojev is board member of YOUROPE (European Festival Organizations).

    Nikola Veljković, mentee

    Freelance videographer, youth leader and activist

    Nikola is an engineer of audio and video technologies, videographer, youth leader, activist and a member of the organization “Connecting” from Pančevo. Co-author of the documentary movie “Education for the 4.0 revolution“. One of the initiators and ex coordinator of the award-winning educational program for youth “When I grow up I’ll be...“. He was into music for 11 years, 5 years and a half worked in media, and for the last 6 years he has been mostly active in a field of video production. He appreciates non-formal education a lot, and thinks that his life became more meaningful when he has started learning for knowledge instead of grades.

    Andrija Kovač, mentor

    Filmmaker, cinematographer, author and graphic designer

    An audio-visual adventurer and a technology enthusiast. Exploring the fine line between different mediums such as film, photography and design. In pursuit of alternative lifestyles and adventures in places across the globe, over the years he has directed or shot numerous short films, video essays and branded content for brands, NGO's, startups as well as for athletes, artists and activists.

    Radoslav Milić, mentee

    Professor of Serbian language and founder of Kukumiš drama club in Ljubovija

    He was born in Ruma and he graduated from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. For the past ten years, he has worked in small village schools around Serbia. He is the author of creative drama programme for primary school pupils as well as “Life skills for Youth“– programme designed for secondary school students from the Balkans. These programmes are practiced in the drama club. He is also a script writer for school plays and lector for archeology books. Furthermore, he is author and coordinator of several projects dealing with prejudices that children in rural areas have. At the moment, he is focused on the regional cooperation, psychology of the collective consciousness and the change of cultural practices.

    Husein Oručević, mentor

    Political scientist, activist and radio journalist from Mostar

    Politologist and radio journalist. He was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1969. He studied political sciences in Poland, in Krakow and Kielce, and his specialisation is European studies. Oručević's activities in post-war Mostar are for years connected to independent Youth Center Abrašević, where he initialized many media and cultural projects for youth, with a goal to establish communication and cooperation among young citizens of the city divided into two ethnic communities. As an activist in the civil sector, he is also dealing with the issues of local policies, fight against corruption and institutional building.

    Tamara Belajić, mentee

    Communications and Marketing coordinator at Novi Sad 2021 - European Capital of Culture

    Tamara Belajić is a journalist in the world of marketing and communication. After graduating in the field of media and communication, she found herself in the Headmade marketing agency, where she learned how to think from the brands' perspective. Afterwards, the career path led her to IT sector. She became part of the marketing team within the DunavNET Company from Novi Sad, where she discovered how IT changes the world around us. At the moment, she is part of the ”Novi Sad 2021 - European Capital of Culture” team, motivated by desire to contribute to the project that is important not only for the city, but also for improving the image of Serbia. She is practicing yoga and traditional Serbian dance, and she also learns Spanish.

    Nebojša Krivokuća, mentor

    Playwright, writer and creative director at Communis DDB

    Playwright, Creative Director at Communis DDB agency. During his 25-year career in advertising, he worked on communication projects for dozens of international and local brands and companies, some of which have been awarded at international and domestic festivals for creativity, or efficiency. As a lecturer he participated in seminars and workshops organized by US Aid, IAA, TEDx, FON, FDU, FMK, FEFA, Webiz and others. He has published articles on marketing, advertising, pop culture and the media in the Daily Telegraph, Central Europe Review, Talas, LiceUlice, AlJazeera Balkans etc. He is the author of the short story book ``39 pesama`` (Booka, 2013), blog and audio-podcast ``Prešlicavanje``.

    Tamara Kojić, mentee

    Social activist, CEO of the rural creative hub Terra Panonica - Mokrin House

    Tamara Kojić is a social activist with a passion for music, circus arts and radio. She ran Kilometer of Hair (Kilometar kose), charity donating wigs to children losing their hair because of chemotherapy or alopecia, and she co-founded and runs the only Balkan Rock camp for girls. In France, she co-founded Chateau de La Salle, a project to bring life to an underused rural estate, and she worked as a consultant in the coworking and hospitality industry. She holds an MA in Management of Culture and Media, has represented Serbia at the Telenor Youth Forum, and was awarded the Person of the Year award by HELLO! magazine in 2015. She currently lives and works in Banat, running Mokrin House, riding a bicycle and singing in the local traditional band.

    Mihailo Janković, mentor

    CEO of Nectar Group, business leader with extensive experience in management and strategic development of several leading companies. Winner of the Youth Leadership Development Award

    Business leader with many years of experience in managing, improving and strategic development of leading companies. Mihailo has gained his experience working for multinational companies, private equity funds and regional companies such as British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Knjaz Miloš, as well as through consulting projects. Since 2016, he has been Managing Director of the Nectar Group, dedicated to the professionalization and transformation of a private family-owned company that, with 6 factories in the region, and export to 60 countries and a revenue of 100mn euros, has grown beyond the borders of the region. He finds inspiration in the constant improvement of business, people development, business transformation and turnaround management, which are the areas that have marked his career so far.

    Vanja Đurić, mentee

    MA in communications, journalist of fact-checking portal Istinomer

    Vanja Đurić has an MA degree in Communicology, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad. Last 15 years she worked in media like Radio 021, Radio - Television of Vojvodina and BIRN Serbia. She is a freelance journalist now, fact-checker for website Istinomer. She thinks that facts are the key thing, but the context and different angels enrich the story. Combination of these factors brought her a CIRCOM 2016 award for the best news magazine “Radar - 20 years later”. As a co-author of documentary “Albanian women are our sisters” she is awarded by the festival Mirëdita, dobar dan. The rest of the carrier she will spend in looking for new perspectives and strengthening the culture of activism in the society.

    Vladimir Trkulja, mentor

    Co-founder of Start-it, organization for support to IT and start-up scene in Serbia. Collaborates with UNICEF and IREX, digital transformation expert in Serbian Chamber of Commerce program

    Vladimir Trkulja focuses on technology and innovation, with a particular focus on developing new business models for small businesses. He is a co-founder of Startit, has led product development teams for global startups, collaborates with UNICEF (UNICEF Innovation Fund) and IREX (Local media support program), and is one of the digital transformation experts who are working with Serbian companies through Chamber of Commerce and Industry programme supported by GIZ.