„Kreativno mentorstvo” afirmiše mentorstvo kao alat ličnog i profesionalnog razvoja, jača kapacitete sektora kulture i pruža podršku perspektivnim profesionalcima zainteresovanim za usavršavanje, umrežavanje i razmenu znanja i iskustva. Želimo da izgradimo, okupimo i podržimo zajednicu motivisanih i društveno odgovornih pojedinaca koja će doprineti razvoju društva zasnovanom na kreativnosti, kulturi, znanju i međusobnoj saradnji.

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Do you have a need to ask for an advice someone who you believe that could provide you with relevant knowledge and experience? Do you want to share the challenges you face with someone reliable, talk about available options or possibilities that may occur but that you have not even thought about? Are you interested in the life path of the people you admire – how did they reach their goals and overcome obstacles?

If your answer is YES, you are on the right place!

”Creative Mentorship” is the first mentorship program in Serbia which tackles the issue of personal and professional development of upcoming leaders in the field of culture. It aims to promote mentorship as a way of lifelong learning and exchange of knowledge and experience between an established professional, the mentor, and emerging professional, the mentee. In the next few years, we would like to develop and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals who would contribute to the society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and collaboration.

Each cycle of ”Creative Mentorship” programme gives the opportunity to 25 mentees, upcoming leaders in the field of culture, to be supported by mentors, established professionals from different fields. Through programme, talented, dedicated and engaged young professionals, active in the field of culture, match with mentors, chosen according to their needs and interests. Variety of activities, trainings and events offer to the mentees new insights, contacts and information.

Creative Mentorship programme has a non-profit character and is free of charge for the mentees, thanks to the numerous patrons of the programme, from the private, public and civil sector from Serbia and abroad.

Also, in order to increase capacities related to mentoring and promote the idea of mentorship, we have developed know-how base and handbook that are available on this site, and we organise public debates, speed-dating events etc.

The programme ”Creative Mentorship” was launched in 2012.


The active part of the programme ”Creative Mentorship” lasts one year. During this period, the mentees have individual monthly meetings with their mentors who support them in achieving their goals, provide them with professional guidance and new perspective on their career plans and challenges.

Also, we organise different educational events, closed or open to the public: round tables, presentations, lectures, trainings that are intended, first of all, for the participants of the programme, mentors and alumni, but for all the professionals from the field of culture, as well.

Educational programme consists of three various types of trainings and lectures:

  • about mentorship, personal and professional development
  • practical skills, like: communication, presentation, fundraising, leadership, team work
  • actual topics, relevant for the field of artistic and cultural production, cultural policy,

The ”Creative mentorship” team will organise public workshops and discussions about the idea of mentorship and methodology of the programme, in September and October 2017 in 7 Serbian cities. From November 2017 until February 2019,  within the framework of the fourth programme cycle, in Belgrade will be held 12 trainings, lectures and round tables.

Important aspects of the program are formal and informal gatherings, which create the space for networking and cooperation among participants, mentors and alumni. Our alumni could confirm how much the fact that they became the part of the community of ”Creative mentorship” was useful and important to them, as well as the continuous support of the programme team, access to the know-how base and handbook about mentorship.

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