„Kreativno mentorstvo” afirmiše mentorstvo kao alat ličnog i profesionalnog razvoja, jača kapacitete sektora kulture i pruža podršku perspektivnim profesionalcima zainteresovanim za usavršavanje, umrežavanje i razmenu znanja i iskustva. Želimo da izgradimo, okupimo i podržimo zajednicu motivisanih i društveno odgovornih pojedinaca koja će doprineti razvoju društva zasnovanom na kreativnosti, kulturi, znanju i međusobnoj saradnji.



“Creative Mentorship“ Association is a non-profit character and the program is completely free to participate thanks to the domestic and foreign companies, organizations, institutions and individuals that support us, as well as the mentors who contribute to the program pro bono.

If you also recognize the value and significance of “Creative Mentorship” and want to join us in our mission of transforming society through creativity, knowledge and culture, if you want to support talents, creators and the culture sector in a very concrete and effective way, we invite you to support us financially, with your other resources (material, technical, spatial …), expertise, contacts, recommend appropriate mentors or partners, or spread information about this program.

Read more about becoming a sponsor, partner or ambassador of the “Creative Mentorship” program!

Become a sponsor for mentoring couples

  • support one mentoring couple in the amount of 1000 EUR, three pairs in the amount of 3000 EUR or be a sponsor of the program in the amount of 5000 EUR or more. This way you enable the sustainability and development of program and provide free mentoring support for a new generation of future leaders in the field of culture and art!

Become a partner of the “Creative Mentoring” program

  • we are interested in cooperation with as many different organizations from all over Serbia in order to strengthen the sector of culture, mutual support and expand mentoring. Please contact us with a proposal to connect in our common values and share ideas, information, and other resources.

Be the Ambassador of our program

  • spread the idea of sharing knowledge, experience and resources among generations, sectors and cultures! Take advantage of the opportunity to remind people in your environment that mentoring is a solution to many personal, professional or social issues and pay attention to the existence of our program to your associates, acquaintances, family and friends. If you have a suggestion how can we improve our work, with whom to contact and who would be interested in supporting the program and organization “Creative Mentorship”, write to us on  info@kreativnomentorstvo.com.


Your organization or company, through cooperation with us, becomes part of a network of engaged professionals who are active drivers of positive change. Over the years, we will build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals, organizations and companies that share the common values of open resource sharing, mutual encouragement, inspiration and active contribution to the development of society, and you will be an important part of that community.

You can get to know our participants, mentors, alumni, other sponsors and partners on events and gatherings within the program, as well as on the joint cultural activities we organize. If one of the participants is looking for a mentor of your profile, participate in the program as a mentor! You will receive quality and interesting materials on mentoring, personal and professional development that can be useful to everyone in your company, as well as information on the course and success of the project.

Our cooperation would be something that we are proud of and we would  highlight it on public occasions and on all promo materials.

KREATIVNO MENTORSTVO 2017/2018 is financialy supported by:

  • Titan Cementara Kosjerić
  • Coca Cola Hellenic
  • Ministry of culture and information Republic of Serbia
  • Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade
  • French institute in Serbia
  • ERSTE bank

So far sponsors of our programme were also The Headley Trust, SBB, USA Embassy in Serbia, Swedish Institute.

Partners of the programme CREATIVE MENTORSHIP 2017 / 2018 are:

  • Gi Group HR Solutions
  • Mokrin House
  • Vizartis
  • Nova Iskra
  • Pamela von Sabljar
  • Stella Karl Ćosić
  • Relja Dereta

We are proud with so far cooperation with  British Council, Mikser, AmCham Serbia, UK Parobrod.