“Creative mentorship” affirms mentoring as a tool of personal and professional development, strengthens the capacities of the cultural sector and provides support to prospective professionals interested in developing, networking and sharing knowledge and experience. We want to build, gather and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that will contribute to the development of a society based on creativity, culture, knowledge and mutual cooperation.



Aneta Goranović, mentee

“Reflektor” theater manager

Aneta Goranović was born in 1992, in Vrbas, where she has finished elementary school and high school. She graduated in political sciences and international relations, and she is a producer and director of the independent youth production “Spotlight theatre”. From the age of 12, she was an activist in the NGO sector, which notably affected her choices, interests and experience. Among other activities, she participated in the exchange Serbia Youth Leadership Project - USA, Intercultural exchange projects, Welcome to Germany, OSCE Summer School. Currently, Aneta is working on socially engaged theater plays, which have confirmed her wish to research the authentic forms of impact on social changes.

Natali Beljanski Popović, mentor

Executive director of the Festival uličnih svirača in Novi Sad

Natali Beljanski Popović, Master of Cultural policy and project management (University of Arts in Belgrade & Université Lumière Lion 2). CEO of Inbox Art Association, Executive director of The Street Musician festival, researcher in the area of cultural policy, local development and intercultural dialogue with a significant practical experience in arts management, fundraising and grant writing for many local and European projects (The Street Musician festival, Share conference, Exit festival, European project Circus as a way of life etc.)

Biljana Branković, mentee

Architect and founder of the archiPLAY brand

Biljana Brankovic is an architect, educator and entrepreneur. The field of her professional work is a dynamic exchange between architecture, design and education. A decade long experience in architectural education of children and youth resulted in starting a brand of educational toys - archiPLAY, together with her husband. She teaches Urban design at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Through professional practice and academic research within PhD studies, she investigates participative design methods in process of designing contemporary urban spaces.

Veronika Tasić Vušurović, mentor

Managing director of the “Digital Serbia” initiative

Enthusiast about all things digital and customer-related, a consultant for business development and management. Veronika worked with executive boards of major companies and institutions in South East Europe to support them define their strategic goals and implement subsequent programmes. She worked with the executives in the banking sector, telecommunications and FMCG but also with a number of ministries and state-owned companies. Veronika also worked on projects led by UNICEF aimed at child protection and promotion of youth.

Bojana Bačić, mentee

Journalist of the newspaper “Danas”

Bojana Bačić, studied art history but committed to her first love - journalism. Works in the newspaper “Danas” (online edition) where she turns everyday events from complex social, public, cultural and political life into news and journalist stories. She is preoccupied with social networks in journalism. Proud owner of the recognizable twitter account @speranca.

Dr Đorđe Krivokapić, mentor

Founder of the SHARE Foundation, professor at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences

Dr. Đorđe Krivokapić LL.M. is the Legal and Policy Director of SHARE Foundation where he leads an interdisciplinary research and advocacy team fighting for the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights, in the areas of privacy, free speech, security and open access to knowledge. He is also an Assistant Professor at Business Systems Organization Department, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, where he teaches courses on Business Law and IT Law. His primary fields of interest are the intersection of law and technology and the impact of emerging information technologies on society and the market.

Bojana Lukić, mentee

Painter and creator of workshops for children in the field of visual culture

Bojana Lukić is a visual artist from Belgrade. She graduated from Department of Painting of the Brera Academy in Italy and since 2002 she has been actively exhibiting in Serbia and abroad (Italy, France, Austria, Japan, Croatia). Her pieces are part of both foreign and national collections. Bojana is also a co-author and facilitator of many workshops for children, teenagers and adults (the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Festival of Children Literature and Illustrations Krokodokodil in Belgrade, Spanish cultural center - Institute Cervantes in Belgrade, Bormioli project in Milan, Artist goes to school-Kultur Kontakt in Vienna, and many other).

Maja Enis, mentor

Pedagogue, owner and director of the publishing house “Enco Book”

Founded the Publishing house ENCO BOOK with a goal to create a brand that would be recognizable for its creative and educative picture books and books for children. From a small publishing house, the ENCO BOOK has become a synonym for quality books for children. Maja Enis has earned many awards for creating picture books, books for children and didactic material for preschool education and lower grades of primary school. She shares her big experience and broadens her knowledge as a participant in many events and workshops for children; an active member (since 2009) of the Association of Business Women in Serbia and as a member of the Board for public advocacy of women entrepreneurship.

Danilo Grbović, mentee

Founder of the FilterApp

A Proactive youth activist, graduate journalists who is very passionate about exploring and delivering innovative Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media solutions. He found his “spot” through his work as a PR & Digital Marketing officer in NGOs (MODS, PortalMladi.com, NEOS, ChildHub) & inter/governmental sector (Ministry of Youth and Sports, OSCE), but also as a journalist for one of the biggest online media in Serbia (Telegraf.rs). He has founded a start-up (FilterApp.rs) which gathers all cultural institutions and events in Belgrade, which is his love and the most beautiful city on the world.

Borko Jovanović, mentor

Expert for entrepreneurship and digital fabrication, founder of Polyhedra – FabLab

Borko Jovanović is the founder of Polyhedra FabLab with many years of experience in large state and private multinational companies in the country and abroad. He says about himself: ``My beliefs are very hacker. I believe that all experiences and information should be shared and all major discoveries handed over to the open-source / DYI community so that through the new dimension of multidisciplinarity, they can further improve the idea or product. Money can not be the primary motive``

Dragana Aleksić, mentee

Program analyst at Prva TV

Dragana believes in the strength of the individual and the power of communication that could make us enrich, change and strengthen ourselves, our environment, community and the world. She gained knowledge and experience through studies of Serbian Literature and Language, at the School of Constructive Psychology, while working and living in Russia, in an international business environment. She finds motivation and inspiration in the diversity, potential, and talent that people show in overcoming cultural differences, boundaries, professional levels and social status to cooperate, create and achieve common goals. She wants to live and work in a society where cultural values are common topic. She works as a program analyst at Prva TV.

Joachim Waern, mentor

Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade

Joachim Waern is the Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade. He has been posted in Belgrade since September 2016 and will stay for about three more years. He is by profession an economist and has an interest for people, politics and history. He also likes literature, film and music. Working for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs since 2006. and has also six years at the Ministry of Culture he has a long experience of governmental work, including being a manager. At the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade he is heading the Department of Political, Trade and Public Diplomacy and represents the Embassy in many different ways.

Dunja Pešut, mentee

Professor of Serbian language and literature in Bačka Topola

Employed as a Serbian language and literature teacher at secondary school. She writes literary criticism, collaborates with Branislava Antović on the blog Brana’s Divine World, as a cultural columnist, and does the proofreading of blogers' texts. She is in love with nice words and the art of words.

Ana Pejović, mentor

Translator and project manager in the “Krokodil”organisation

Ana graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. From 2002. to 2008. she worked in the publishing house Rende as a proofreader, assistant editor and editor. From 2009. to 2011. she worked at the publishing house VBZ, as an assistant editor and editor. She translated several books from English, including “The British Museum is falling down”, by David Lodge, “Imagine me gone” by Adam Hazlett. In 2009, together with Vladimir Arsenijevic she founded the Association Krokodil, where she has been working as project manager and coordinator, with a special emphasis on KROKODIL's Writer-in-residence program. During that time she organized and coordinated over twenty major literary festivals in Serbia, the region and Europe.

Dušan Kalejski, mentee

Drama pedagogue at CEKOM organisation in Zrenjanin

Dušan Kalejski is a drama pedagogue and musician. After dropping out of bachelor Sociology studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, he returns to his hometown Zrenjanin and joins the youth organisation CEKOM. Since 2006 he has been involved in numerous projects related to youth development, applying the methodology of creative drama as well as intellectual studying through drama. These projects have spawned theatre plays, performances and playlets that have been staged both domestically and abroad. Dušan is a certified trainer for the programme Intercultural Studying through Drama within the Institute for Development of Education and Social Policy.

Nikola Zavišić, mentor

Theater director and lighting designer

Nikola is a theatre director, writer, and light designer working in theatres, opera houses, and designing light at concerst (classical and contemporary music). He directed theatre shows in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany and Hilland. He is a workshop facilitator (across Europe, on many different festivals). His workshops are about interaction between actor/light/space. He is a founder of the Radio.Nica – artistic group based in Belgrade, exploring and experimenting with analogue light sources. He is a holder of many different prizes for his performances, in Serbia and around Balkan region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia.)

Irina Dukić, mentee

Journalist and PR in culture

Irina Dukić is a journalist with great experience especially as a radio journalist at the Department of culture at Radio Belgrade 1. From this year on, she works as a manager for public relations at the festival of classical music - BUNT. During many years of singing in choir, she finished primary school for music, solo singing. Also, she writes short stories for children just for pleasure. She is the author of many interviews for the blog of the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit. Currently, she is attending film school / Centre for visual communications Square, led by directors, producers and professors Svetlana and Zoran Popović.

Biljana Rakić, mentor

Expert for the HR development from Novi Sad

Biljana Rakic is an experienced Human Resources Manager at Execom doo, with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. She is interested in digital technology and employer branding. Skilled in nonprofit organizations, corporate social responsibility, youth work, gender issues, women and children rights, conflict resolution, and talent management. Works as a trainer in various areas such as team building, working with individuals and groups, communication skills, etc. She is the mother of Isak, Sara and Ema, enjoys taking photographs and eating chocolate.

Ivana Todorović, mentee

Film director and producer

Ivana Todorović is a filmmaker from Belgrade where she is currently based. Her work tackles complex issues that deal with the cycles of abuse and recovery. Her films were screened on over 100 international film festivals such as the 2013 Berlinale Shorts competition, IFF Rotterdam, Traverse City Festival, The Palm Springs IFF, Sarajevo etc. She is a recipient of awards in Serbia, Kosovo, Italy, Canada, Greece, UK and the US. Her films have been shown in places such as the Anthology Film Archive, Cultura Contemporiana de Barcelona, and broadcast at the New York Times Made with Kickstarter series. She has appeared as a speaker at TEDxAUK in Pristina and conducts filmmaking workshops at universities worldwide.

Andrej Nosov, mentor

Theater director, human rights activist and director of the Heartefact Foundation

Andrej Nosov is a theatre director and human rights activist. He has graduated in Theatre and Radio Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He gained lot of different experiences in civil sector, as a founder and director of Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Heartefact Fond and Remarker portal. Working in these organisations gave him a chance to use different mediums to discuss and tackle some sensitive topics in our society. He has directed theatre performances: “Bent”, “Hunger”, “Hinkeman”, “The Ghosts”, “The Remains” and “The Black Box”. Currently, he is working as a Director of Heartefact Fund. By participating in projects such as “Creative mentorship” he wants to share his knowledge and energy and contribute to living in a better and more equal society.

Katarina Maksimov, mentee

Architect - conservator at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad

Katarina has worked in the field of the protection of tangible cultural heritage since 2006 as an architect-conservator. Actively involved in numerous studies and projects of rehabilitation, conservation and revitalization of cultural monuments. Enjoys promoting the importance of preserving heritage in expert and scientific conferences, as well as educating children and students through different workshops. For her, the funniest part of the job is working on the field, climbing the scaffold and monitor the development of the project previously designed in the office.

Milena Zindović, mentor

Director of the Public planning company ”Plan” from Šabac

Milena works in the field of sustainable development and gender mainstreaming in urban and spatial planning and design. After professional experience in Ljubljana and Belgrade, she took the function of Director of Public planning company Plan from Šabac, where she led or cooperated on a large number of urban plans and projects. She received the First award in the category of Detailed regulation plans at the Urban planning Salon 2017. Graduated at the Architecture Faculty in Belgrade in 2007. As her most valuable experience she considers the Master of Architecture studies at Cornell University, New York, where she focused on the relation of architecture and media presentation. Co-founder of NGO Smart city and the Women's Architectural Society.

Lidija Ham Milovanović, mentee

Public relations associate at the National Museum in Belgrade

Through changes in interests, education and beliefs, the love for museums has remained unchanged for Lidija Ham Milovanovic. Art historian by profession, she is primarily oriented towards the National Museum in Belgrade. At first as a volunteer, then a curator at the Department of History of Art, she researched the insufficiently explored fields, such as the unit of Chinese arts or the period between the two Wars of the oldest museum in Serbia (at the time named The Prince Paul’s Museum). Today she is a senior curator in charge of public relations, in which she also uses the education gained from that field (PRA - Public Relations Business School). She is acquainted with museum communication and marketing.

Dr Borsilav Miljanović, mentor

Founder and managing director of the Represent System Group

Borislav Miljanović, PhD, is the owner and managing director of Represent System Group, consisting of specialised agencies Represent Communications in Belgrade, Podgorica, Skopje and Banjaluka, business portal and magazine Bizlife, Native network and Element. He also established London School of Public Relationsin Serbia. Before assuming the leadership of Represent System, Borislav Miljanović worked as a journalist and editor in numerous media outlets for more than ten years. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and then completed master and doctoral studies in Communicology at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He is the winner of the Award for Personal Contribution in the Area of Communications, granted by his peers – Serbian Public Relations Society.

Ljubica Slavković, mentee

Architect and project coordinator at Center for cultural decontamination

Ljuba is an architect with a wide specter of interest and field of work. She is an Editor and Project Coordinator at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, an Editor in Chief of Kamenzind architectural magazine and research platform, a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture, and a contributor to many culture and city oriented magazines. Also, she is always into new challenges of promoting the values of our built surrounding and active rethinking of it, as well as into inspiring possible actions. She is driven by the richness of relations, values, responsibilities, and all other networks whose small visible top is the built urban tissue.

Marija Bulatović, mentor

Architect and educator at Center for Spatial an Art Education OMG ARH

Architect and educator who has for the last three decades dealt with special and art education of high schoolers, undergraduate students of non-artistic studies and adults. Her aim is to introduce these different groups of students to art theory and contemporary art and architectural practices. In the XX century she worked as a photographer and graphic designer in several advertising agencies. In XXI centery her focus shifted to enterior and furniture design. Moreover, she enjoys transforming learning theories into learning practises. Marija's areas of research are interactive learning, community learning, expansive learning, art as research, practice as research, pedagogical turn. Her wish is to merge her experience she gained within non-formal education settings with the existing practices within formal education in Serbia.

Dr Maja Bosnić, mentee

Composer and art director of the association “Zabuna”

Maja Bosnić is a composer of experimental conceptual music. She is drawn to impossible missions, absurd solutions, limited possibilities, unexpected outcomes, treating instruments as ready-made objects and treating every-day objects as music instruments. She received her PhD Diploma in Music Composition at Goldsmiths University of London and founded Association Zabuna organizing concerts and lectures that support creation and development of contemporary experimental music. Her projects have been performed in Serbia and Europe with support of Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and European Cultural Foundation.

Mr Asja Radonjić, mentor

Musicologist, programme editor of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

Asja Radonjić, graduated from the Department for Musicology at the Belgrade Faculty of Music, and earned her Master’s degree at the University of Arts, Department for Cultural Management and Cultural Policy in the Balkans. Since 2007, Asja is working as the Programme Manager at the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. She worked as a music expert at SOKOJ-Music Information Centre, and as the Secretary of the Editorial Board of the International Magazine for Music New Sound. She was also a music associate at Radio Belgrade. Asja writes musicological articles, and reviews from conventions, symposiums and festivals in the country and abroad. She was a member of the Ministry of Culture and Information’s Committee for competitions in the field of contemporary art and of the Programme Council of the Centre culturel de Serbie in Paris.

Marina Prohaska, mentee

Digital communications manager in non-profit sector

Marina Prohaska was born in Zrenjanin in 1988. She completed her bachelor's and master's degree in Japanese Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, followed by master's in Media and Development at Westminster University in London, while informally she completed Women's Studies in Belgrade. The storytelling is what has always fascinated her and allowed her to experiment with various uses of storytelling techniques in journalism, film production, digital marketing and communications in both startup and non-profit sector. She was awarded for her work in the production of documentaries, writing short stories and marketing. She currently lives and works in Belgrade.

Lazar Džamić, mentor

Creative Strategist and Lecturer

Lazar Džamić, former Head of Brand Planning in Google's creative think tank ZOO in London, with a personal mission to transform light into heat – the abundance of data in Google's universe into emotional territories for big ideas. He also served as Planning Director in several London creative agencies and was one of the first digital strategists in the United Kingdom. He is an author of several books and teaches digital marketing at FMC.

Maša Seničić, mentee

Dramatist and one of the founders of the association “Filmkultura”

Masa graduated in Dramaturgy and completed her MA in Theory of Dramatic Arts and Media (FDA, Belgrade). She took part in various international film and theatre projects, while creatively contributing to numerous festivals as a writer and film programmer (Brave Balkans, Festival of Auteur film). She is one of the founders of “Filmkultura”, association for education in audiovisual culture, as well as a program coordinator and lecturer. She participated in different interdisciplinary workshops, whereas her poetry has been awarded and published in magazines/collections across the region. She is currently doing her PhD research, with a focus on film theory and digital humanities, and developing her first feature script. She is editor in chief of BeforeAfter web magazine.

Dobrivoje Erić, mentor

Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the Center for the Promotion of Science

An Art Historian by education, professionally experienced in archeology, documentaries, publishing, translation, and art and architecture criticism. He was a curator in the Department of Architecture at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade. He works at the Center for the Promotion of Science for the last seven years, while since 2015 leading the Department of International Cooperation. At the national or regional level coordinating several European projects dealing with science and art collaborations, and linking (in)formal educational setting and researchers with citizens and general audience. He also acts as a president of the DoCoMoMo Serbia, a national chapter of the international working group for the promotion and protection of the modern architecture heritage.

Milan Marković, mentee

Museum educator at the Museum in Smederevo

Born in Smederevo in 1974. Graduated from the Belgrade University, at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History of Art. Long-time curator at the City Gallery of Contemporary Art in Smederevo, currently works as a museum educator at the Museum of Smederevo. Dedicated to the presentation and popularization of cultural and historical heritage and contemporary art.

Aleksandra Stamenković, mentor

Co-founder and vice president of the Center for the Development of Children’s Right Culture C31

Aleksandra Stamenković is a historian, co-founder and vice-president of the Centre for Creating a Culture of Children’s Rights. Her focus of interest is the use of history heritage in education for active and responsible life in democratic society. She is engaged in development of educational programs in which museums, memorials, institutions of culture and schools become places for dialogue and reflection on issues related to the position of individuals, joint living, human rights and democracy. Aleksandra is a coordinator of the educational platform „Museum of the Past for the Future“developed in cooperation with several museums, a network of schools and relevant stakeholders. Since recently, she is also a coordinator of the project „SHARE- Museums of the Past for the Future of the Region“aimed at sharing developed methodology with museum professionals from the region.

Milanka Lana Nikolić, mentee

Journalist at Radio Beograd 202

Milanka Lana Nikolic received her bachelor and master degree from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Department of World Literature and Theory of Literature, and at the moment is doing her PhD studies in the same Faculty, Department of Culture. Works at Radio Belgrade 202, and radio journalism is one of her biggest interests. She is also actively engaged in the field of activism, dominantly concerning the inclusion and improvement of the position of youth from vulnerable social groups. Writes for Vice Serbia, Liceulice, The Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit blog, and spends her free time writing for her own blog, writing poetry, reading and painting. Strongly believes that love and art can change the world.

Miša Stojiljković, mentor

Journalist, psychologist, media advisor and “applied fatherolocist“

Misa is a psychologist by education, and a journalist by profession. In the last few years he has been engaged in public relations, but also in parenthood - through the Association “Gnezdo“ - Belgrade. He has been working in the media for twenty years (15 at RTV B92, the last two in Radio Belgrade 1) and he is most attracted by psychological and social issues such as mental health, minority rights and social responsibility. He is co-author of three documentary films: “Be a Man - Change the Rules“ (2011) talks about young men struggling for a different idea of masculinity in the 21st century, while “The state of the soul“ (2014) and “Man is a man's cure“ (2017) speaks of people living with mental disorders. He translated the book - “Jim Jarmus: Conversations“ (2003) and hundreds of films and documentaries. He is proud husband of his wife and father of two boys.

Milica Crkvenjakov, mentee

Video games designer in Novi Sad

Guided by the need for creativity, Milica started writing novels and short stories at a very young age, and that love grew into a storytelling blog and, finally, video game making. Her goal is to create unforgettable interactive experiences and raise awareness of the benefits of video games. She aims to motivate parents to get actively involved in their children's gaming lives and contribute to a healthy relationship with video games.

Iva Eraković, mentor

Executive director of “Prijatelji dece Srbije”

Iva studied Political Sciences because she believes in personal and social development and change, and holds a degree in Journalism. She has spent several years in political journalism and marketing, and since 2011 she is the Director of the Friends of Children of Serbia - civil society organisation protecting and promoting children's rights. She is a member of the Managing Board of the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia and of the Programme Council of Ivanjica's Nušićijada Festival. Iva is an author of a number of programmes and projects in the spheres of culture and communications, and a co-author of a manual on working with the children from vulnerable groups.

Milovan Golubović, mentee

Art director at Folklor Dance Ensemble „Maksim Marković” from Kosjerić

Milovan Golubović was born in 1986 in Užice, he finished elementary school in Kosjerić. He studied at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, at the Department of Quality Management and Standardization. He was long-time member of Folklor Dance Ensemble „Branko Krsmanović” from Belgrade and now he uses the knowledge he gained there to contribute as an art director of Folklor Dance Ensemble “Maksim Marković” from Kosjerić. Folklore is his greatest passion.

Vladimir Dekić, mentor

Director of the National Ensemble “Kolo”

Vladimir Dekic was appointed as the Director of the Serbian National Folk Dances and Songs Ensamble ”Kolo” in January 2015. In his work experience he passed through various institutions, from the Belgrade Drama Theater, the Yugoslav Drama Theater, Jugokoncert, and now the ”Kolo” ensemble. He has worked as a producer and organizer in numerous projects, including ”Hazarski rečnik” and ”Sto minuta” directed by Tomaž Pandur, BITEF 2004, ”Orpheus and Eurydice” directed by Bojana Cvejić, ”Hadersfild”, a film by Uglješa Šajtinac directed by Ivan Živković , ”Vishnjik” A.P. Chekhov directed by Dejan Mijač.

Nela Tonković, mentee

Curator at Contemporary Art Gallery in Subotica

Nela Tonković is an art historian and a student of MA studies in Cultural Policy and Management. She works as a curator at Contemporary Art Gallery in Subotica. Her professional motivation is driven by making institutions of culture more accessible to vulnerable social groups, care for cultural heritage as well as producing new cultural values.

Slađana Petrović Varagić, mentor

Programme coordinator of “Filmart” from Požega

Sladjana is an art historian, lives and works in Požega. Graduated at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, the Department of History of Art. She's got ppostgraduate degree at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Department of Film and Media). She has worked as curator and programme manager at the Art gallery Pozega, as a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, as a general manager of Cultural Centre Pozega. She works as a programme coordinator of Independent Film Centre „Filmart“ (since 2006). Created and organized numerous projects in the field of film, visual arts and education. She works as curator of numerous exhibitions, participated in production of numerous documentary films, wrote many articles about visual art.

Oleg Misirača, mentee

Organiser of cultural events from Pančevo

Oleg Misirača (1988), producer and event manager, with experience of organizing different types of events, festivals, films. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Theater, Radio and Culture production. He is from Pančevo, where he founded and produced theater festival Ex theatre fest, Pančevo film festival, FAMNAZ. He is team player, with a positive attitude towards life, believes that action and discussions are the keys to success.

Nevena Rudan, mentor

Marketing manager of the Luna TBWA Agency

Nevena is Marketing Manager of creative agency Luna TBWA. She has built her fifteen years of experience in all sectors: from PR and Client Service, through Strategic Planning to Creative Dept. She writes for Netokracija, runs a food blog and raises a happy child.

Stefan Sretić, mentee

Pianist, composer and professor of piano from Niš

Stefan Sretić has received his bachelor and master degree in piano performance in Niš and did his specialization in Belgrade under the mentoring of pianist and professor mr Aleksandar Serdar. He has won numerous awards at the republic and international piano competitions. He has performed in Serbia and abroad as a solo pianist, chamber musician and soloist with symphonic orchestra accompaniment. He composes music for film and theater. Works as a piano professor at the Music school of Niš. He is currently doing his PhD studies in piano performance in Novi Sad under the mentoring of professor and pianist dr Dorian Leljak. He is a member of Mensa Serbia.

Milan Savić, mentor

Director of the International saxophone festival Belgrade Saxperience

Milan Savic received his degree in Saxophone Performance and Music Education at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts and also holds a Clarinet Degree from Belgrade University’s Faculty of Music Art. He is director of the International saxophone festival Belgrade Saxperience. Festival aims to educate young people, promote saxophone versatility and welcomes most important saxophonist of our time. From 2006 works in Music school Josip Slavenski as a teacher of clarinet and saxophone.

Vesna Ivanović, mentee

Librarian in the elementary school in village Mačkat near Čajetina

Vesna Ivanović is employed at the elementary school “Milivoje Borovic” in the village of Mačkat, on the mountain Zlatibor. During her working engagement she successfully adopted wide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of education. She designed and launched the application skolskabilioteka.com, which aims to modernize the school library. She supports and participates in numerous projects in the field of education. She is a coordinator of the International Programme in Developing the Skills of Reading and Understanding of Reading 
“Mc Readers”. She participated in projects and was additionally educated in the field of education for sustainable development. Also, she is a coordinator of the International Eco School Programme.

Katarina Popović, mentor

Mentor of the presentation skills

Locally and internationally awarded creative with more than 14 years of experience in advertising, communication and content creation. From analog storytelling, she advanced to storydoing believing that space and experiences are the key to more honest and organic branding and expression. Katarina was the founder of the live storytelling startup DataMaid, won pitching awards, mentored startup founders and transferred all that experience into the PitchBitch workshops which she now runs. With technology as her main medium, Katarina creates interactive installations, exhibiting since 2010. She is also a member of Techfugees community - creating technologies that help in the refugee crisis.

Vladimir Milić, mentee

Organizer of cultural and educational activities at Center for education and culture “Božidarac”

Economist by education, interested in culture, history and the impact of new technologies on society. Occasionally follows basketball and politics. One day, he wants to travel throughout the universe. He is an active member of several non-governmental organizations. He always seeks new challenges and thinks that everything can be learned. He believes that an individual can change the world and that each of us has the responsibility to do so. Currently, he is changing the world at Center for education and culture “Božidarac” organizing different cultural activities.

Milena Rajković, mentor

Project manager in the Hemofarm Foundation

Milena is working at Hemofarm Foundation as a Project Manager since January 2017. Her career began in the late 90’s as an active artist - violinist, teacher, cultural manager, consultant and collaborator on many projects in the field of arts and culture and the manager of the string quartet ‘INTERMECO’. From 2010 to 2015, she held the position of the Director of the Cultural Institution ‘Steamboat’ - the cultural center of the municipality of Stari grad. Over the course of her 5-year term of office, Milena managed and completed over 1500 different programmes and projects. Experience, knowledge and skills acquired in previous jobs recommended her for the position of the Executive Director of the ‘International Jeunesses Musicales Competition’ in Belgrade (2015), and then the position of an expert consultant in the field of arts and culture in the City Municipality Stari grad.